India Part 3

I have not had much (or any) spare time  this trip.   I have had to work all of the weekend and so I have had little or no time to do any site seeing.   I have found time to go on early morning walks and I would like to share several pictures with you.   I took the feature picture of this post near my hotel and most of the other pictures will be near the hotel or on the way to work.


Last trip I showed a picture of a chicken truck…   I now have more to share.


This gentleman had two young boys helping him get the chickens out of the cages on the truck…  Hmmm I thought the chickens would have been happy leaving the truck… but you never know with chickens


Once out of the truck he would tie the chickens feet together and hang them on a scale.  He did this three times until I imagine the small shop had what they requested.  I was surprised how still the chickens were once they were hung upside down.  I was a little disappointed because I was hoping to see more… you know heads being chopped off… headless chickens running around… but I was not that lucky.


I have noticed these “thingies” hanging from cars or doors.  There is a lemon and some chilis and something else (not sure what it is).  I asked someone at the hotel and they said that it is to keep away Alakshmi… (I imagine people don’t like her since she brings bad luck and misfortune).   They say she likes these types of food… and she will eat this and then go away… instead of coming inside.



Don’t speed and don’t share your passwords!  Excellent advice and what a very helpful sign… I am a bit confused about the relationship between the two… and more confused realizing that this is a “Bank of Baroda” advertisement.


ummm…. I don’t think I am going to say anything about this one… except that I had to sign it.


One of the great things about India for English speakers is that you will find most signs have English.   This does not mean that you will always understand them.   I found this sign to be incredibly confusing.






14 thoughts on “India Part 3

  1. Sorry that you have not been able to get out much during your trip. On the other hand, these pictures added a lot of laughter to my evening! 🙂 If you ever figure out the meaning of the last sign, update us! I guess if you drive, don’t make noise by honking??? Ha ha As for the slip you signed…wow. Interesting trip.

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  2. Love your blog! Your pictures of India really remind me of how life was for me for two years in the Philippines! Things haven’t really changed much in some places. We are so spoiled and blessed to live here! Oh an hahaha huhuhu hahah……..your invoice says “duty” lol!

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  3. Loved your blog about India. Reminds me of the two years I spent in the Philipppines. Some things in some countries just don’t change much. We are so spoiled and blessed to live where we do! By the way…….hahahah…..huhuhun….hahaha……your invoice said “duty”……!

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  4. Two thoughts….if I cultivate a reputation for being trouble, I wonder if people will tie bags containing Wendy’s double cheeseburgers to their doors. Second, I was watching a stand-up comic on Netflix this Saturday, and he was talking about visiting India. I laughed extra hard as I thought about you and your similar experience as relates to the horrors of traffic…thanks for being you and for your ever entertaining posts, my friend 🙂

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  5. I wondered why a few neighbors (from Bangladesh) kept hanging pizza slices and tangerines on my front door…now i know. And “cum” is Latin for “with”. Mind out of the gutter bucko! rofl

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  6. Chickens like to get in a flap about everything ! Being upside down does calm them down – we cuddle them upside down before we kill them – makes them calm. The whole running headless chicken thing is a sight to behold and very unnerving I find. It is when they make a cockadoodle do noise after you know they are dead that it gets really creepy. Should you ever find yourself over this part of the world, come and visit and we will kill a chicken for you …. if this doesn’t sound too creepy 🙂


  7. Hihi, cool post as always. I really like your eye for never-ending weirdness. To the point that now I’m seeing ordinary things around me in a new (weird) light.
    I was wondering if you would like to be nominated for one of those blogs awards floating around? There will be some Q&A (but I will keep it short I promise). I would love to have your contribution but if that’s not your thing that is also totally fine and understood. 🙂

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