India 2017 Part 2

I would like to share with you a video (I took and put together) showing what it is like to be driven around Mumbai.  While you are watching it I have this challenge:   See if you can tell me how many lanes are on the road, count how many times you hear a horn honk, and last count how many times you think we are going to see a person ran over. (click here if you want to view this full screen)

Maybe it was the jet lag or the fact that I was sitting in the front seat and driving on the left side  but I found this ride a bit “scary”.   (There were times when I actually closed my eyes… I am such a wimp).  There is some weird sense of security from all of the locals… an incredible calmness… either it is the meditation or they may have some kind of weird hive mind when they drive (which may explain why they do not continually get into accidents and  run  each other over)


This motorcycle driver thought of safety as he grabbed his helmet.   If I spoke Hindi I would have reminded him that you don’t put it on the handle bars… it must go on your head to work.


The rickshaws actually look fun to ride in despite only having 3 wheels… other than they are completely open and when they are full (I have counted 8 in one) it seems like someone could easily fall out.   Speaking of rickshaws we notice most of the drivers don’t where shoes… hmmm


We drove from Mumbai to Pune on the Mumbai Pune Expressway which is  India’s first six-lane concrete, high-speed, access controlled tolled expressway.  Last time we drove this it took us over 5 hours to drive 140 km.   This time, because we left after rush hour (3 hours later) it took us only  2 ½ hours… which means we arrived  in Pune at almost exactly the same time both trips.  (Travel tip 2… avoid rush hour driving… kind of a given anywhere but especially in India)



You never know what you will see while travelling… I didn’t notice this plane the first time we passed by here.

How can you resist getting your  hair cut by “BIG BOSS hair dresser”… I would have asked the driver to stop but we had to be at the office in a couple of hours.


Why is it so clean in front of these two shops… do you think the goat has eaten all of the garbage.  (if that is the case they need more goats)

There are fascinating small shops every where you look visited by even non-human shoppers.   If you have looked at  all of my pictures closely you may have not noticed besides having lots of colors you will see lots of garbage (if you were here you would also be able to smell the garbage… ).   I think I have yet to see a garbage can but I know they must exist since I saw a garbage truck.

Do you think the garbage trucks are a bit confused?…  Shouldn’t they be “cleaning it up”?


You think your job feels futile?  I can’t imagine what this poor persons feels…   I guess he has job security…. with never ending work. (He took the “Clean-up!” sign on the garbage truck  serious… probably saw the exclamation point)

Last of all for this post I want to share a sign that has me a bit baffled.  I might be misreading it… but it seems to say that some one owns the Mumbai Police Commissioner.  This may not be that uncommon in other places but I doubt they have signs stating the fact.


Please check back… there is more to come.


11 thoughts on “India 2017 Part 2

  1. Lanes are an illusion! How do the drivers manage to not hit each other? Some cars had no brake lights. It’s a wonder anyone survives. I don’t know how they remain so zen.
    The trash is shocking but with so many people I suppose it is to be expected.

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  2. You keep talking about how bad it smells, so bad you can taste it. Maybe you should wear a mask. (Just saying) The road looked very busy. I didn’t see any lines to spare the lanes, crazy. Please be careful

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  3. It looks very much like Cairo..trash everywhere except in bins, no traffic lanes to speak of, everyone going whichever way they want at any given moment…yet no accidents. I was both amazed and terrified driving through Cairo. by the way, those rickshaws are now for some reason called tuktuks. i wouldn’t mind actually owning a tuktuk…I bet I could drive through downtown OKC with alacrity if I was driving one of those.


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