On my way back to India

Today I am at the airport and on my way back to India.   I am not the least bit excited about the work nor the long flights.    I am on the other hand thrilled to be able to go back and hopefully this time “truly see” India.

Last trip I was so overwhelmed by all of what I was seeing that I was unable to fully digest, process and even “see” what was before me.   I will give you and example.   The feature picture for this post is from my last morning walk before leaving Pune.   My hotel was just down the street…   I showed this picture to a co-worker and he immediately started to laugh…  He then warned me to watch out and stay clear “even if it is free”…. hmmm…  It took me several minutes and then I finally saw the sign.

India 2.jpg

This trip I hope to share stories and pictures in the coming days if I am not too busy… and of course I will continue to share what I find to be “funny pictures”.  This is a tradition I started with my oldest daughter Hanna when she was young.   I am also hoping to make these India posts a bit different than last time…  I am going to make an effort to honestly convey India with all of its wondrous complexity, rich palette of colors, and extreme diversity… (I suck at writing  and picture taking… so I probably am going to fail at this… I hate to  over promise so I want to emphasize that I did say “make an effort”… don’t expect much more)


I also plan on walking this street every morning trying to find the mother and daughter you see sitting down in this picture on the right side.  I talked about them in a previous post…Weekend in India (End of Trip).   I was unable to help them last time but this trip I would love to show them some kindness.


Last trip I got sick and I am sure it is from something I ate or drank.  My advice to anyone visiting India… Don’t “JUST EAT“.   I honestly spent the majority of the flight back home (every 15 minutes) desperately going back and forth from my window seat to the small bathroom…   (It is not enjoyable nor easy throwing up in shallow airplane toilets… hmmm is that too much info?)    This time I am going to be very careful about what I eat.  I am going to avoid “remembering it“… and especially avoid being “reminded” every 15 minutes of what I ate.


While it was awesome to learn how the “snake lost its legs”… this trip I am going to visit something other than the zoo.  I hope to visit something historic or of religious significance like a fort or a temple.   Of course all of this will depend upon how much time I have left after work.


Last of all… This trip I am not going to disobey any signs… even the “Do Not Spit” signs.   (Last time I went over and spit next to this one… so the thrill is gone… hmmm is it normal that I am now hearing beavis and butthead singing “breakin’ the law… breakin’ the law” … in my head).  I also have a goal of peeing on the side of the road…especially if there is a sign! (don’t tell my wife)

Thank you for taking the time to read this…Please come back and be a part of my journey…


12 thoughts on “On my way back to India

  1. I really hope you see the mother and daughter…I know how much they weigh on your heart and mind…and I hope to remind you that you are so compassionate and kind and deserve to reserve some for yourself 🙂 As ever, a wonderful and appreciated post, Adam 🙂

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