Winter Walking

Here is a quick post sharing some pictures from a small walk today.   I am not really a “winter” person but I can not deny that there is an incredible beauty that comes with winter … especially when the ground is covered in newly fallen snow.

Midway sleiding.jpg

When I saw this I couldn’t help hearing in my head the song…. “dashing through the snow…in a one horse open sleigh”…  (To be 100% honest…I kind of dislike that song)


Every year in Midway they build an Ice Castle.  It has become an amazing attraction bringing in thousands of people to see what they have created with ice.  At night the ice is lit up and becomes something truly breathtaking… cold… but amazing.  It will be opening tomorrow but we walked around it to try to sneak in some looks.  * Web Site (click here for more information)

Here are some closer pictures:






We will try to visit this some night this week and

I will post pictures with it lit up.

(here are some previews… how it looks during the night… these are not my pictures)









9 thoughts on “Winter Walking

  1. There is no such a thing as a winter this beautiful in Africa where I live, this is a sight worth everything! I should get up on my butt and start travelling! Thanks for Sharing

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