Last Minute Christmas Preparation

Leaving for India so close to Christmas time has left me to do all of my Christmas preparation at the last minute.  (… of course I would probably be in the same situation had I not left since I always put it off to the last minute… it is just nice to have the India trip as an excuse)

One thing that I wanted to get done is finish another “natural dyed yarn” for my mother.  The first one I did (here is that post) doesn’t seem like really enough yarn to make it feel like a present worthy of a mother.  I wanted to give her at least two skeins of yarn…so I decided to try to make another skein and   I thought I could share this in a very short post. (Sorry I am in such a hurry I will not go into to much detail on how it was done…)


I started spinning last night till very late in the night… almost all night (I wasn’t bad since I am still 12 and 1/2 hours off of my normal schedule).   I spun two sets of wool top that I had dyed.  The darker “mustard” color was dyed  with annatto (same annatto I use when making mimolette cheese).  The second tan color is dyed with some weed in the field next to my home. (was hoping it would be a green… but it turned a yellow/tan).


Here is the yarn (two ply).   I am not sure if I like it or not but… my mother will say she likes it even if she doesn’t.


Here is the final yarn… curious to what everyone thinks…   might be good for a scarf (if you don’t mind ugly scarfs)



9 thoughts on “Last Minute Christmas Preparation

  1. How very sweet, and “you” of you to give your mother such a wonderfully-unique gift…and, I think the colours are most appealing–and, fascinating given the origins of their colour. Also, the thought of you weaving throughout the night conjured up parallels to Rumpelstiltskin…thanks for sharing 🙂

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