Weekend Packing

I am now going to disappoint everyone…   (of course, this isn’t a first for me).  I was unable to do anything fun or unusual this weekend.   Today I am at the airport and off for a “last minute” trip to Pune, India.  My weekend was spent preparing for this trip and disappointing Ben.  (I will share that in the next paragraph) I hope to be able to make up for this disappointment by sharing with all of you some “Weird Pictures” taken in India.   I do not want to promise anything since I am not sure how much spare time I will have.  I was told that I have close to 80 interviews to give in just 5 days.  (I wonder if it would be wrong to take pictures of the “weirdest” interviewees?…  I had better not… I think that might be crossing some kind of line… not sure what line… but the line that everyone tells me that I continue to cross)


Back to this weekend… I joked this weekend with Ben that he could come with me if his mom said yes.   What I didn’t realize is that he would “YouTube” India and see pictures of people riding elephants. India now has become a very important destination and he was not going to let his mom say no. I enjoyed this little game for at least 15 minutes… but I think after Ben’s constant pleading and realizing that I was egging this on Isabelle decided she didn’t want to be the bad guy so she said sure.   He came running to me with such enthusiasm and I felt horrible having to tell him I was only “joking”.   It was funny until I saw the tears start to well up in his eyes.    I told him we would visit India sometime in the future and I would take him on an elephant ride.  He then negotiated a deal where I have to bring him mcdonalds_mumbai_midday_295back two things from India: an “Elephant Man” (no… not John Merrick… it took me a while to catch on he was talking about a Ganesh doll/statue) and McDonald’s French Fries (One of the YouTube tourist videos showed a McDonalds in MumbaiIsabelle tried to tell him that the fries would not be a good because they would be cold and “old” by the time I got them back…   I whispered in her ear that we could pick some up on the way home from the airport.  She doesn’t like to lie to him… but I don’t mind)


This will be my first trip to India.   Although it comes with very short notice during an inconvenient time I am still very excited and hope I can share some interesting pictures and stories with all of you.  Please check back…


22 thoughts on “Weekend Packing

  1. buy some fries in India for pete’s sake. dump them and keep the wrapper. it will have Indian printing on it. You can tell him that the creature that lives on airplane wings ate them while you napped.

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  2. If I could squeal with delight, I would!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Which, is strange (that I can’t, I mean), given that, based on my speaking voice, one would think I could…okay, I blame that digression on you–given the charm of your self-identified “weirdness”, I’m letting mine leak out. I think our connection can withstand that dose of TMI (too much information 🙂 ) Also, as I’ve said before, you’re far from weird…this post is further proof. You could have knocked me over with a feather when I read your announcement! And, I also felt such sadness for Ben (not to make you feel guilty)…I love that he rallied and mitigated his loss, though. God bless children…may we all learn from his example. And I can’t wait to see your photos….I’m really excited for you…be safe 🙂

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