Weird Picture of the day (Las Vegas)

I am at the re:Invent conference in Las Vegas for work and thought I would post a quick “weird picture of the day”.   Before I do this I wanted to share a quick look at what I am experiencing…   wall to wall  people (think over 30,000)… mostly geeky people (Having my kind of people around me makes me feel so much more “normal”)

Here is what it looks like walking around the conference.   I love people but sometimes you can have too much of a good thing.

SO… What did I find in Las Vegas at an aws conference that would excite me enough to create a post? (NO… not strippers…. jesh)



I wanted to play… but need 11 other players…  will have to work really hard to make 11 friends!




14 thoughts on “Weird Picture of the day (Las Vegas)

          1. thanks for the blog recommendation!!!… really interesting and fascinating… The translate widget is just html that I typed up… you can use mine and just change my url to yours and you can have the same thing…. *you will have to view source and find where my translation section begins. Then just copy and past that into an Html widget and change the URL to your blog.

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