Weekend Finishing what I started

The weekend is past and yes I know I am late with this post.  There is a good reason, or maybe I should just say there is a reason.  This weekend I decided to finally finish something that I started last December 26th.  Yes…  I finished crocheting an afghan. (This is my first and will be my last… that is unless I am sent to hell and the devil in his tormenting ways forces me to do another)

Wow do I hate crocheting!  In a moment of complete stupidity (one that has lasted almost a year) I started crocheting in an attempt  to show my daughter Gwen something that my grandmother taught me when I was very young.   I have already expressed several times how much I hate crocheting and this has been a project that has almost sucked away my soul… (that may be an exaggeration).   I want to share this although it has not been a source of joy.  I do this in keeping with my “post what I did over the weekend” goal.

(here comes back story… if you want to skip… scroll down to the bottom to see the final results)

I have always loved discovering, learning and trying something new.  (you may have noted this if you have read my previous posts).  While this is a good thing, it has a “negative” side.   Since I was young I started many things… crazy… cool… things but I also frustrated my parents as I quickly gave things up to try something else.   I was continually lectured by my parents every time I started one of my “new” projects that if I was going to start something I had to finish it.

build Your own submarine.jpg

The only time I was not lectured on “finishing” something is when I read an article in this magazine and started building my own submarine. (if you read on the bottom right you will note that they had plans for a “SAFE” submarine that you could build yourself.)   My mother later stated that she was only a little worried since she didn’t think I would finish it… She still kept an eye out to make sure I was not heading to the lake with it.

(KEEP READING… I promise this is going somewhere… )

Because of my poor “finishing” reputation and years of lectures I have a strong inner voice that tells me that I must finish what I start. (Boy I wished I would have finished that submarine)

crochet yoda.jpg

Last Christmas Gwen received a “star wars” crocheting kit.  Isabelle asked me if I would help Gwen.  I decided we would each make a “yoda” at the same time.   11 hours later I finished mine… (hate crocheting….) while Gwen gave up after just doing the head.  Gwen is a lot like me in that she likes to “start” things.   That “must finish” voice came into my head so I tried to coax her into completing her yoda.   She insisted that she wanted to crochet but yoda was just too hard.  I wanted to encourage “finishing” without a lecture so I tried to think of something else.


I decided to show her what my grandmother (an incredibly loving patient woman… the perfect example of a grandmother) taught me when I asked her to teach me to crochet.   I showed her how to make a “granny square”.  I showed Gwen how to crochet a granny square similar to the one that I did above… but with the “yoda yarn” (green brown and ecru).   She wasn’t really impressed and asked me what would you do with this little square.  I told her that you can make really ugly clothes or a really cool afghan.     She acted excited so I started making an afghan thinking she would help me and “finish” a crochet project.

She gave up about 20 minutes later and although I wanted to “give up”, that voice came to me saying… “finish”.  I worked on this on and off over the past year.  My mother hearing me complain even offered to “finish” it for me but I adamantly pushed through the tedium and drudgery and now it is  finished.


There is a small happy ending for this project.  Gwen saw this and said “when you die I get that”… (I am touched and bothered at the same time… why do kids have to say when you die… jesh)

I changed colors as I moved out because Isabelle told me that the “YODA” colors looked too old ( I laughed since this was being made with granny squares).    Hope this was worth the read even though I didn’t explain how to make a granny square.  UM…. WELL…. If you want me to show you how to make a granny square please let me know in the comments. (see what lengths I will go to for anyone willing to read this blog)

Thanks again for taking time to read my post!!!





28 thoughts on “Weekend Finishing what I started

  1. For someone who doesn’t like crochet, you did a great job with that blanket! I also like the little Yoda very much. And well done on persisting with the task at hand, despite the offers for it to get “magically” finished 😉

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  2. First: Aqua Sub! So cool! I kind of want to hunt down a copy of that magazine and set my band of merry men to work on it! And second, the blanket looks great – I see why Gwen has called dibs on it for when you’ll no longer need it (perhaps a nicer way of framing that will make it seem like a much more positive comment). I also (mostly) hate to crochet, but more than that, I hate modular projects like granny square afghans, or really anything where I’m making the same shape over & over again using the same colors. Kudos to you for your endurance!

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  3. My brother started making that same submarine but soon fell behind with the project then gave up completely. He never should have left it out where I could spot it though as I loved working with “not girly” stuff. It was completed in a little under a week (I still had to do the stupid girly stuff like dishes and make dinner).Now that I really think about it all, I think I did a prior version of a “not so safe” submarine……..the date on the mag is a bityounger than the one I had and I am poretty darned sure I had a popluar mechanics mag.
    In any event the sub was finished and i tested it at Lake Accotink in Springfield Virginia. I am pretty sure there is an article still in the archives of our independent newspaper. long story short…it sank……with my brother at the controls cause it was a manly thing to do and I being the girl wasn’t to take any chances. Yes, my brother survived……and I “rescued” him from two feet of water. I still think if I had been at the controls that sub would have worked.

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    1. I love the fact that you built this… you are SO AWESOME.. (really made my day). and I looked the magazine up up on the internet… I was a bit confused because I am sure that the one I had was a “popular mechanics” magazine… (love that magazine) but I saw this and thought… hmmm must have had it wrong… This is the same sub… and it looked so cool… and “safe”


  4. the year was 1974..i was a sophomore in college and my baby brother had shop for the first time in hs. this was supposed to be his year end project instead I swiped it during summer break.

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  5. What a beautiful job you did, well done for persevering. I love crochet but think I would have balked at repeating squares ad nauseam. I liked small projects like berets, tiny blankets for teddy bears and Action Man etc. I tried to teach my grown-up daughter (she asked) but didn’t get very far, she prefers to knit and sew.

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  6. A lovely afghan. Really vibrant colours. I laughed out loud: “I told her that you can make really ugly clothes or a really cool afghan.” I have always wanted to work with granny squares but 1) am a bit lukewarm when it comes to crocheting and 2) don’t have your patience! Congrats.

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  7. I’m sorry to hear that you hate crochet, but I don’t blame you after making that huge granny square blanket. Granny squares are tedious and I hate making them, especially by the old method. If you join as you go they are much more fun!

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  8. The Yoda and the afghan look great! Way to go! Congrats on finishing the job. As always, your story had me laughing throughout the post; however, the hidden story is that you modeled for your daughter that you did not give up and I’m pretty sure she probably found out how much you were not enjoying the project. 🙂 That’s a valuable skill she will carry into adulthood. Way to go!

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  9. Delightful, charming, endearing and entertaining…and, you write so beautifully…you have a real gift for storytelling, and for illustrating life-lessons…you are awesome, and inspiring….thanks to your example of perseverance, I am going to work really hard on wrting a post this weekend…thanks for sharing 🙂

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  10. I really admire you for finishing this ! Crochet always takes me forever and makes me squint like crazy, so I don’t do much of it. I knitted a blanket out of squares, total nightmare. It’s kind of you to teach others, I’m sure she will remember it someday.. and maybe finish a Yoda thinking of you !

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