Weekend and an Autumn Walk


This weekend I am going to take a small break from projects. (actually I will be working a  little bit on my loom… so basically my first sentence was a lie… jesh bad start).  Anyway… I want you to come with me on a small morning walk. ( hmmm sounds a bit creepy… no need to worry my wife is coming with us… )

You are going to need a jacket, not because it will be cold…. but… it will be brisk, pleasantly  fresh,  and even invigorating… (at least for Isabelle and I who are actually walking… ).  I wish some of my fellow “photographer” bloggers were actually taking the photos… but you are stuck with me… and my phone.


We start walking west with the sun at our backs… if you glance back towards my house you see “snake grass” growing along this small stream (dark green on the right).  Snake grass evokes very dear childhood memories.  First it looks like something that belongs with dinosaurs.  Second my father made us “whistles” out of the snake grass segments.   I would make you one but as an adult I learned while sharing this “secret” with my children that the sound is really annoying… and I know you would continue blowing into the snake grass just to annoy me.  (found you this video if you are curious about the snake grass whistle)

Three hot air ballons are out… didn’t get a good picture… pretend you notice them.


We continue west and cross the road and start down a small paved trail.  Isabelle points out that two years ago we came to this place by happenstance and while looking  back (eastward) she said “it would be nice to have a home there… don’t you think?”   I answered”too expensive”. (since we now have a home there… you can take note of who’s opinion really counts in our partnership)   This is the place my kids finally got the pleasure of catching and caressing water snakes (I blogged this earlier).   I am a talker so I mention that when I was a teenager I killed (sorry peta and my vegetarian readers) a deer just to the right of this place… I love venison.

Autumn Midway Walk 2.jpg

As we continue west on the path you look to the left and notice a deer.  I am sure he was coming up to greet us but I unfortunately mentioned my penchant for enjoying venison so he has decided to stay back hidden under the trees.

Jesh… let’s continue walking… just a deer…


We continue west and cross a small creek and notice a small path that heads south.  I took Ben fishing for his first time on this creek.  He told me he got lots of “bites” but didn’t catch anything.  I didn’t tell him that I had not put a “hook” on his line… so he was fishing only with the bubble.

What is that?  you want to head down that path?… sorry nope… no… you can go where you want on your own blog… but since this is mine we continuing west.


We climb a small hill and end up to your surprise on a golf course – Crater Springs Golf Course. (I am not surprised since I walk this every week)  I mentioned that I have yet to golf here and hope you say something that encourages Isabelle to take up golfing.  There is another golf course just at the foot of the mountains you see in front of us – Wasatch Mountain Golf Course

After almost getting run over by some early morning golfers driving their cart a bit rudely… We leave the golf course and end up at the Homestead Resort



I mentioned as we enter the front grounds that we are too late for the “Free Saturday Open Air Concerts” that are played on the lawn in front of us.


We are now at the main office.  This hotel has been around since the late 1800s and was an attraction because of the natural hot springs and large crater.


I have always loved the grounds behind the main building and we take a small detour so I can show you what it looks like.  I use to play “spy” here with my older brother and his friends.   I realized as I got older that what I saw as a game of “spying”… was more complicated…  and in fact…  for those older boys it was not a game but more of a group activity  of “peeping”. (none of them were named Tom… but they all should have shared that name).

Isabelle reminds me that she has to get back before 9 am so we start heading north west so we can circle back home.

Autumn Midway Walk 8.jpg

Here you see what is left of the homestead stables.  I worked here as a fourteen year old giving horse rides in the mountains behind the stables.   I mentioned this in an earlier post but I got a dollar per hour for this work. (I only got a dollar an hour if I was actually guiding a tour)


We walk north and you notice there is another resort/spa – Zermatt Resort.   No I didn’t “window watch” here because this place didn’t exist.   “What is that bear?” you ask as you  squint and notice the statue of a bear in front of the main white building… (Boy do you have good eyes).  I am glad you asked.  That bear is a tribute to an old farmer that lived south of here. His name was Henry Kohler (The Midway Bear)… he liked to dress up like a bear and play a harmonica…   (As a child..the first day of our move into midway… he rushed into our home… dressed as a bear… surprising and scaring all of us to death… and not because we thought it was a bear… )


As we walk north you notice a sulfur smell and wonder if I have passed gas…  The answer might be yes… but you are not smelling me (nor Isabelle).  You are smelling something very common here.  Midway has many geothermal springs and you notice “craters” everywhere you look.    As kids we called these “Hot Pots“.


Not all “hot pots” are fenced in.  I mention as we pass that my father found a dead body floating in this one. (cool huh… actually not so cool for the man… )  Isabelle states that we have to get “moving” and starts into her “fast french walk”…  I hate walking fast…


We are heading back on another paved path… not as pretty as the other but it has its “nice parts”.   You notice when you are walking that your are squishing hundreds of red and black  bugs (boxelder bugs)… it is really gross if you pay attention… best just look ahead.

I notice you are whining a bit… don’t worry we are almost done.


This bridge across Snake Creek is my favorite part of the walk.  I have seen dragon flies here as big as my hand.   I promise I am not exaggerating.


As we cross the bridge take a look to your left (north).   You ought to take a picture here.  It is beautiful and we are almost home.  (you can right click on the picture and choose save as… kind of the same thing as taking a picture )


We are home and looking west.  I wished I could have taken you further into the crimson hills with all of the beautiful colors… but Isabelle has some errands… and  I  want a break…  so don’t over stay your welcome… or in other words… go away…







16 thoughts on “Weekend and an Autumn Walk

    1. Thanks for coming with me… I love your blog… and I am on my second weaving project… (first one started weaving in). I am very novice and making lots of mistakes… really was encouraged by your last post “handmade”… and that even an “artist” like you stating that it takes a life time to perfect ones craft.


  1. Thanks so much for the refreshing walk and the tour of your childhood. It is lovely there. I always thought of utah as a sort of salty sandy place (because I sort of flunked geography in the seventh grade). Nice to see it from your eyes. Those bugs we call stink bugs here. I don’t know why as they really don’t stink…..well unless you have stomped all over them I suppose.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. A huge thank you….best walk I’ve had in forever…I got to wear my pajamas, my hair is a fright, my socks are still clean as a whistle (they are brand new and have barely touched the floor all day) and no one gave me a second glance 🙂 And, the good news doesn’t end there…we didn’t come across any dead bodies, and the beautiful hotel and grounds has provided fodder for my daydreams 🙂 Last but not least, it was such a joy to spend time with you and Isabelle (she such a good sport to put up with my ongoing droning on about how amusing and clever your narratives are 🙂 ) Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for coming along… Isabelle is a good sport just for putting up with me…. It was an enjoyable walk…although I think it might have been a much more interesting read had we found a dead body….oh well… There is always the next time

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Oh my gosh, I have been to the Homestead Resort! In March of 2013, my husband had business in Evanston, WY, and took me along. We flew in to Salt Lake City, drove to Evanston, went about his business, then took a few days of vacation in Jackson. We wanted to spend the night before our flight home somewhere close to the airport, and he randomly selected Homestead Resort from some website.
    Driving through all the typical suburban neighborhoods to get to the resort was not what we expected, but it was very pretty and the food was amazing! It was a pleasant relaxing place to spend our last night of the trip. There was snow in the morning as we were driving to the airport — that normally would have been a huge treat for us, but being from Texas, the driving was a little nerve-wracking for me.
    That was the only place I have ever stayed near Salt Lake City. It was nice to see what it looks like when the plants are blooming as they are in your pictures!

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