Accidently Single nominated me for the “sunshine blogger award”.   Not only do I want to thank her for the nomination but I want everyone who sees this to please go and visit her blog.   I love her heart felt honest writings and I am continual surprised how a self confessing “introvert” could share such insightful and personal posts.

By the way… does anyone else get the irony of an introvert asking me questions?  I find it incredibly amusing and want to reward her with your visit… please go and read her blog… but don’t ask her any of the following questions.

“Where do you live? What do you do on the weekends? Are you dating? Who do you hang out with? What is your family like? Do you have a close relationship with your family? Do you want kids? Do you ever want to get married? Do you have pets? Do you want a pet? Did you ever have pets?”

Hmmm…   Sunshine blogger award…these awards are really the blogging equivalent of a chain letter… and even if they don’t include a threat for those who don’t keep the “chain” going… I am sure something horrible will happen to me if I don’t

The Rules:

  1. Thank the person that nominated you.
  2. Answer the questions from your nominator.
  3. Nominate fellow bloggers you follow.
  4. Give them 10 questions to answer

I was asked these questions

What is the biggest mistake you’ve made?

Self Surgery!!!  yes I tried to remove what I thought was a cyst from my forehead. I made the first cut with a scalpel… but was not man enough to finish cutting it out with that scalpel…  lots of blood… poke… ouch… poke… ouch… more blood…

dremelsaw-bitAfter repeating this several times I re evaluated the approach and decided I need something that would cut it “fast”.  I needed the equivalent of a tooth with a string tied to a slamming door rip it out fast.  I looked around and noticed that a Dremel with a cutting wheel bit would maybe be the “right” tool for the job. I sterilized the blade with fire and alcohol… started it up… (picture in your mind high rpm whirring).  I placed it quickly to the bump on my forehead and it quickly went through the soft skin but didn’t stop… until… well it hit bone… and made a high pitched whzzzzzzzzz sound as it stalled against my skull.  I quickly turned it off… looked up and realized it was not as good an idea as I originally thought.  I almost gave myself a lobotomy… and with the high speed spinning it had created a pink mist that covered three of the four walls in that bathroom… (hope they never luminal that bathroom).  For those wondering… I let it heal and went to a doctor to have it removed.  This doctor while removing it paused and declared it “irregular”.  (of course it was… I dremeled it… but I wasn’t going to say anything ).   Lab results….it was a tumor… (but my secret had not been revealed)

 What is your favorite song?

I love so many songs… one favorite song is from a 7os psa commercial.  As a child I had no idea what the song was about… Confusing… Weird… but the song stuck with me and I will still sometimes catch myself so many years later humming it…

(WARNING TITLE WILL SHOCK) –> VD is for everybody…   (real commercial…  if you are curious or confused please get a pamphlet at your local pharmacy or health clinic…  or so it said…  never could find that pamphlet… and my parents would only laugh when I asked them…)

I dare you to listen to it… you will not be able to get it out of your head.

What person inspires you the most and why?

Such a hard question…  I have so many… but I choose my wife.   She knows everything about me… my dreams, my past, my secrets, and even all of the bad embarrassing stuff… and still loves me…   makes me feel loved… and makes my life worth living.

If you could rename yourself, what would your name be?

Beautiful…   imagine being named beautiful… and having people call you this every day…

Is the glass half empty or half full?

I am a big optimist…  so much that even if I saw it as “half empty”…  It would be a good thing since I would imagine its contents as “yuckiness”… and would be happy that I didn’t have to drink a full glass…

What is your favorite breakfast food?

Homemade bread with peanut butter and jelly… followed by a kiss from my wife… and then the complaint… “oh…you just ate peanut butter… be careful” (two kids are allergic)

If you could instantly be fluent in a foreign language, which language would you choose?

Alsatian… This was my wife’s parents first language and they stopped speaking it because of the war… I have always wanted to learn it… kind of a German/French mélange…plus when I mentioned this to my mother in-law she told me I should not waste my time… so I kind of want to learn it just to bug her…

What is one of your most embarrassing moments?

There are too many to mention… here is one that just pops to mind… and it happens to be another tumor story.

When I was in my early 20s…I was having a tumor removed spoonfrom my stomach.  This was in France and after seeing the french nurse (very sexy… ) a friend said “you know if you get excited she will hit it with a spoon”.  I was stressed for the surgery… but the thought of being hit with a spoon was worse.   To my dismay(only because of the spoon) … she began prepping me for surgery by washing my stomach… and well after a bit and as she lowered my pants… I started to .. well you know…  (wow this is becoming racy).  With the situation and my stress I blurted out “don’t hit me with a spoon”.   The only thing more embarrassing then reacting to the wash… was having to explain to the nurse what I meant by the spoon comment.

Do you prefer a slice of cake or a cupcake?

It depends upon the size and where I am eating it… weird question… are they not the same thing… just one is a portable version of the other?

What does a perfect day look like to you?

Healthy… and surrounded by people that I love…  (and the day when someone from every country in the world visits my blog… see world conquest)


My Nominees… (only do this if you haven’t already… or don’t want to be cursed)

There are so many… jesh!!! (if you want on the list leave a comment)

My Questions

  1. When was the first time you fell in love and was it “true” love?
  2. What are you truly passionate about?
  3. What is one of your “guilty” pleasures?
  4. What is the thing that “bugs” or “bothers”  you the most?
  5. What was your most embarrassing moment?
  6. Who do you admire? Why?
  7. What one thing do you want to change?
  8. What is the strangest dream you have ever had?
  9. What is your favorite season and why?
  10. What is your most unique quality or trait?