Wine Making (part 3)

Here is part three of my wine making “adventure”… (nothing exciting to announce like exploding bottles).  If you have missed the previous posts I am fermenting (nice word for rotting) grape juice with the hopes of creating wine… (Here is part 1  and part 2…  just in the case you might be interested).

This is the fermentation bucket after a week without the cover of course.     I am not sure how long it was suppose to sit in the bucket… but my “gut” (or impatience) is telling me that it is time to stop the maceration (nice word huh).



I have sterilized everything and am going to pour the grape juice thought this cheese cloth/strainer combination to remove the grape skins


My grapes always make an interesting color…   This has always been a great thing when it comes to making grape jelly… I get a nice deep pink.   It is not exactly the color I wanted for wine since I wanted a deeper red wine.


Now I siphon the “adolescent” wine( or pre-wine?… not sure what to call it now)  into a carboy.  (Hmmm… it is very pink).  I am going to have to say that I planned on making a rosé and that way I will feel much more successful


Here it is all in the carboy (about 3 gallons of wine) with a rubbar stopper and airlock.   This is where it will vacation until it is time to be put into the bottles. 

I was told that the wine could take as long as six months before it will be ready to put into the bottles… so we will all have to be patient for part 4.  (I will not mind if you check back every week and read my blog just in case part 4 comes sooner…) 




6 thoughts on “Wine Making (part 3)

  1. This looks great well done. I too can’t wait until January to see how it turns out. I have to get one or two more bits of equipment then I am putting down a mead – using some local honey! I will be sure to picture and blog that! Watch this space!!!

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