Weekend at Swiss Days

This weekend my hometown of Midway held “Swiss Days“.  Swiss Days  celebrates Swiss pioneers who settled this rural area of Utah.  The celebration has become one of Utahs largest festivals and attracts over 100,000 visitors.  (I think it is crazy  seeing all of these people cram into such a small community…   Here is a better description of the festival)  This small town basically has to shut down… including all traffic  because it is not big enough to handle this many people and cars…  Farmers open up their fields on the outside of town and cars are parked in the fields while all of the visitor are bussed in.  All of the locals will volunteer in shifts to support this festival (Isabelle worked in the pie and icecream both and Gwen was on garbage duty.)  

Swiss Days 0
Here is main street Midway and the town hall… Before the crazy crowds!

If you click on just one link from my post this is the one Ben Dancing – Swiss Days Parade

As a child, Swiss Days was small town celebration including, parade, music, pie eating contests, homemade sauerkraut and bratwurst, town barbecue, greased pole, and even a greased pig  (I was never lucky enough to catch the pig… ).  I really loved this two day town party.  Now it is very different and includes over 200 booths of crafts, arts, and food.  Fortunately the celebration still retains some of its small town charm including the parade, performances, and there is still sauerkraut and bratwurst (no longer homemade)… Here are some pictures:

Swiss Days 10
Swiss Miss Royalty performing for the crowd…
Swiss Days 2
Just before the parade… They had a life flight demonstration.  I took this because I was sure the helicopter was going to hit the power lines
Swiss Days 5
Give you an idea of the parade…
Swiss Days 4
More parade… You will note the kids on the right standing in the road… (many of the floats throw things to the crowd… i.e. candy, popsicles, water bottles, frisbees, and yes even cheese curds)  Ben told me he loved the parade because he got more candy than halloween.
Swiss Days 9
Sample of the booths… please note the beautiful mountains in the background… I was told the Swiss settlers chose this location because it reminded them of home.


Swiss Days 8
More booths….. and people
Swiss Days 7
Food booths… during this time everything becomes “Swiss”… The “Swiss Tacos” make me smile…  (they are really navajo tacos if you know what those are)

If you are ever in Utah during labor day weekend… this would be a great visit.



4 thoughts on “Weekend at Swiss Days

  1. OH MY LORD! Ben dancing is just so freaking adorable! I think I watched it a dozen times, laughing out loud with sheer joy before my hubby wandered into the room.he watched and chuckled! Said, “that is one kid that knows how to get down”. LOVE the post!

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