Weekend with Wine Making (part one)

I am just days away from “La Vendange” (grape harvest).  This year I am taking all of my grapes and for the first time going to make wine.   (another project that allows me to rot things in my basement).   I am trying to figure this out as I go…. so this is not a “how to” from a position of experience… but more of a learn as l learn as well as learn from my mistakes.  (hopefully there will not be that many mistakes)


My grandfather had a tradition of making wine and liqueur… (just one of his many talents)


As a young boy, my grandfather made wine and I remember seeing the bottles of liqueur and wine in his cellar.  I am a bit sad that I didn’t take an interest in this and learn from him and all of his years of experience.  So… while trying to figure all of this out…  In a way, I am reconnecting with my grandfather.

I mentioned that this is my first time, I usually make grape jelly but I just finished the jelly I made two years ago…and I am starting last years jelly… (don’t need any more jelly and I need to do something else with all of the grapes that are ready to be picked)

This week I have been preparing for the “big” fermentation project by acquiring equipment and reading/youtubing everything I can on making wine.  I want to share you some of the equipment I purchased.


wine making 2
Wine bottles… (hey you can see my toes)


wine making 5


wine making 4
Single handed corker… wonder if I made a poor choice and should have gotten a double handed corker?..


wine making 8
Wine yeast (didn’t know what kind to get and chose this one…  not too late to change if someone has a better suggestion)


wine making 6
I bought a wine making “kit” that included a bunch of tubing, racking cane,  3 gallon carboy, 5 gallon fermenter


wine making 1
(kit) hydrometer


wine making 3
(kit) bottle filler (I think)


wine making 7
(kit) Fermometer, Sterilizer, Rubber Stopper, Airlock (the fermometer look like something I should stick on an aquarium)

I am still missing some items including campden tablets.  I will be stopping by a local wine and beer making store to pick up the rest and hopefully get some hands on tips.   Next post will be the actual process!!!


wine making 9
I forgot probably the most important ingredient… the grapes.   I have both concord and reliance varieties which are not a typical wine grape but ones that will grow at my elevation and climate.















10 thoughts on “Weekend with Wine Making (part one)

  1. Uh-oh my husband first tried making beer, but didn’t know which were the hops and which were the barley and mixed them up. The second batch he made with a kit, and that tasted fine – or at least the bottles that didn’t explode in the airing cupboard. Then he discovered that the steriliser he’d used was like powdered bleach and he should have rinsed the bottles afterwards! The third and fourth times he made it in a sphere and that was quite successful. My son made elderflower wine in bottles that exploded in his bathroom while he was visiting us! So, good luck, but beware…

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      1. You don’t want bottles exploding! My father in law went through a root beer making phase – in glass bottles with real caps. He was under the impression that once you put the bottles in the fridge for a few days the yeast was dead. He gave us a case, we shampooed the carpets, we had the wood furnace going, it was a super-muggy 82+ degrees in our house and in the middle of the night we heard Pop! shatter… Pop! shatter…. I was still sweeping up shards two weeks later. (the wet swiffers are good for picking up tiny shards of glass BTW)

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