World Conquest – Target JAPAN

You are looking at a “Japanese KitKat” sample pack special ordered from Japan.  I ordered these as part of my attempt at “conquering” the world.  I am now actively targeting countries… as talked about here.

Japan you are in my site and I am after you with this post  (not in a bad… terrorist way… I just want someone from Japan to read my blog)  I start with Japan partly because I find Japanese women to be the most beautiful … that is other than my wife of course ( and yes I am pandering a bit… but there is a back story around my feelings with respect to Japanese beauty and a childhood teacher… you can read more about it in this post).

Let me get back to the relevant subject…  I am going to “Review” Japanese KitKat flavors with the help of my family.  We decided that since you could not “taste or smell” these flavors that a picture is worth a thousand words… (plus none of us are good a describing flavors… it is really hard… try it)

japan kitkat 1
I ate this Japanese KitKat and yes it tastes exactly like a KitKat you would find in America. 

We are not sure of the flavors since we can’t read Japanese… so I will try to guess…  The kids and wife chose their KitKat blindly from a sack so they had no idea what they would be eating…   Sam got all the good flavors… Guess which one he is….


japan kitkat 2


japan kitkat 3jpg

Some kind of Bean Sandwich?

japan kitkat 4

japan kitkat 5

White Chocolate

japan kitkat 6

japan kitkat 7

Another Green Tea… or Seaweed…

japan kitkat 8

japan kitkat 9

Purple potato… (searched this since it looked like purple poo on the package)

japan kitkat 10

japan kitkat 11


japan kitkat 12

japan kitkat 13

Pancake (had Happy Easter and an Easter bunny on the package…)

japan kitkat 14

japan kitkat 15

Dark Chocolate
japan kitkat 16

japan kitkat 17

Raspberry??? (I was told it tasted like chap stick)

japan kitkat 18

japan kitkat 19

????I used google translate and we think it is baked potato????

japan kitkat 20

japan kitkat 21

Strawberry Cheesecake

japan kitkat 22

japan kitkat 23

I hope you have enjoyed looking at our Japanese KitKat review as much as I enjoyed watching the family eat them (Ben was excluded since he has lots of food allergies)

Tonight we were magically transported to Japan… (might be a small exaggeration) and now we await your visit… Mr/Ms. Japanese blog reader!!!



20 thoughts on “World Conquest – Target JAPAN

  1. I love it how there’s so many different types of Kit Kats in Japan. The red bean one must have been really good (I don’t care that you’re showing it wasn’t, I love their bean sweets!) 🙂


    1. The bean one was bad only according to my nephew… they were the “mini” sizes so we could not each taste all of them… I didn’t get to taste any but the “regular” one. I might have to order this again (kind of expensive) just to get to taste them myself…

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  2. Ahem, and here I just attract my Japanese readers naturally 😂 No yucky chocolates used for bribery here, guess I’m just naturally attractive 😋😉😄 Mind you, just realised, I did mention vegan sushi on my Home page, ah, that might be it! There you go, let’s just talk about sushi …

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          1. Ps I didn’t realise your son had a lot of food allergies, I’m guessing peanuts are one of them, so I’ll try not to use so much peanut butter in my recipes once the current ones are posted, or at least give alternatives. I know how difficult it is having children with special dietary requirements.

            Liked by 1 person

          2. You are so kind and considerate to think of Ben… He has a lot of allergies… believe it or not Milk (or any Milk products) Eggs, Beef… etc… (he is almost Vegan… but can eat chicken)… I love your blog because it gives us ideas of what we can feed him…

            Liked by 1 person

          3. What a lovely comment, sometimes it feels like whistling in the dark, you have no idea if people are just liking the photos or the idea of a recipe but not actually absorbing the content. Thank you ☺️


  3. I did like the variety of kit kats that Japan had! if only half were available over here in the west!
    The bean one is red bean which is used in a lot of asian desserts. It’s actually quite nice – it’s just a matter of lack of familiarity with red beans.
    It’s like asian sweet soup desserts – very strange in concept in European cooking.

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