Wednesday and Roladin

When I first started this blog I would have never guessed that I would be posting recipes.   But I have turned this blog into a catch all for anything I do and have time to write about… so here is my quick  easy “Roladin” recipe.

Before I share it I am going to make you suffer through some back story… I know words words… blah blah blah.  What makes it worse is that I can’t promise it will be worth the reading.  I will not be offended… in fact, I will have no idea if you skip my words and just go to the recipe.

(Warning here I go with the back story)

As a child “Roladin” was my favorite  meal and it was a once or twice a year special treat (usually a holiday dinner).  This was part of my “German” heritage and to me this meat dish was very special.   I came from a fairly large family with few means and a mother who stretched our food budget by having a large garden and making frugal recipes or ones that made the most of the “expensive” items such as meat. (Roladin was an exception to this rule… thus we all felt extremely lucky when this was served)

midway 76.jpg
Here I am with my brother and sister working in our family garden


So you have a better idea of what I am talking about when I say “frugal recipes” I want to share a small story. (sorry more words)  One Sunday my family was invited over to my Oma and Opa’s house and we were being served roast beef.   My youngest sister (not in the picture above) refused to have any.   After some persistant pleading by my grandparents  my little sister turned to me and whispered, “what kind of meatloaf is that?”…   We all laughed and told her that it was the best kind of “meatloaf”.  I think this was her first time seeing read meat not “stretched” by egg and bread.

So in this post/recipe I am sharing a special part of my childhood…

I also have another reason for sharing this recipe… My wife is at the “bunker“… and I am stuck home and extremely jealous. I am posting this as a somewhat petty attempt at trying to make her envious of my dinner… and regret her absence.


(amounts will  very depending upon how much meat you buy… try to have extra bacon and onion… can you ever have enough bacon?)

  • Thin Sliced Flanc or Skirt Steak… (very thinly cut or you will be pounding it thin.  I like to buy thinly cut milanesa… a Mexican cut)
  • Dijon Mustard
  • Bacon
  • Onion



(this is my simple approach but I think it captures the flavor without all of the work that my mother had to go through)

Step 1.  Cut up the onion and lightly sauté (you can leave them raw if you like the texture and want to cut them very small)

Step 2.  Cut up the bacon (this is American bacon… lardons will work) into small pieces but do not cook.

Step 3.  On a clean surface lay out the meat (pound it thin if it isn’t already less than 1/8 inch

Step 4.  Spread mustard on one side of the meat than place equal amounts of bacon and onion (see pictures below)

Step 5.  Begin by folding the sides making a “cone” shape.  Smaller at the bottom and almost not folded on the top (see pictures below).  Then fold the large end over the stuffing and start carefully rolling it towards the small end keeping all of the stuffing inside.

Step 6.   Place small strip down in a oven pan.  My mother use to tie these up and than brown them in a frying pan.  I found I can skip both… but you are welcome to do the extra work.   I also place any extra filling in the pan.

Step 7.   Salt and pepper meat.   I also add a touch of liquid smoke and my own special mix of herbs (similar to herbs de provence… which you can use)

Step 8. Place in 350 F degree oven and cook for 40 to 45 minutes.

Step 9. Remove roladin from pan. My mother would make gravy from the drippings but I believe the drippings are too greasy. Despite the grease… I do like to cook vegetables in these drippings (that is also why I like to have extra bacon and onions). Peas are my favorite cooked this way but I didn’t have any today so I cooked zucchini and peppers.

roladin 9
Final result… I wished I was better at presentation
roladin 8
Here is one cut open.   These are so delicious!

5 thoughts on “Wednesday and Roladin

  1. Hope you don’t mind but I did the opposite: read and enjoyed the backstory, skipped the meat bit (vegan and all that!) I know what you mean about posting recipes: as a raw food nutritionist and naturopathic nutritionist I too never thought I’d be posting recipes on my blog other than juicing ones. But here I am posting about Plum Crumble and Nana Rhys Cream (dairy-free nice-cream)! Ps Macau 😉

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