Weekend with Jet Lag

It is so nice to be home (and up at the bunker… see featured picture) Soon things will become normal again (as normal as things and I can be…).  My sleeping has been out of sync and I even went into the office at 3:00 am so I could get work done while I was “wide” awake.   Would love to hear TommeDeMidwayMilkif any of you have “Jet-Lag” remedies.

My goal is to get this blog back to normal… (Weekend Projects at my bunker… have some cool things I want to do…. restart the loom… make more cheese… try to make wine and sausage.. etc..)  I will be making cheese this weekend “Tomme de Midway”… but I will not be sharing the recipe as I did when I made the raclette…  This weekend I need to wrap some things up.

Here is the Vacation “Catch-up”….   The rest of this blog will be a “dump” of stuff that I was going to post but decided it would be “TOO MUCH SPAM” for anyone that was following me.  If this is not your thing… don’t continue reading… (just hit like… remember to feed my ego)

DUMP 1  (the 13 year old boy in me just laughed…) World Conquest


Here is my current map… I am still fascinated with world domination…  If you are a bit confused I explain here.

While I was on vacation I only added 6 countries…   but wow… what 7-23 Added Countriesinteresting countries… (feel stupid because I didn’t know one of them again…  Namibia…  would love to know more about this place… I imagine lions and their ongoing conflict with the hyenas... queue lion king music)

One day I will proudly be able to say… “Thanks  for reading about my weekends people of earth…  (not everyone… but everywhere)”… How awesome is it to share such simple things so broadly… and so easily.   (makes me think I should write a bit more responsibly)

DUMP 2  Another Coffee Table Book Idea

While on vacation I mentioned in “a WPD post” my idea of creating the “McDonalds of Europe” coffee table book…  I had another idea for a coffee table book that would be just as exciting:

The Flavored Potato Chip (or Crisp)   Here are some of the pictures I would have posted as an example:

Ketchup-Flavored… I like it on Fries (chips) so it must be right for Chips (crisps)?  (things would be much easier for me if in English we would pick one meaning for a word… jesh… I once read… “Language is Fiddly”… whatever that means)


MMM tastes like chicken….  Warning vegetarians this does contain chicken fat and chicken protein… MMM chicken fat…


These are special for two reasons… first of all they are not “Pringles” but “PRINGOOOALS“… European Cup marketing I imagine… and they are flavored with a delicious Swiss cheese… Emmental which I have made many times… (In the U.S. we would have probably just said cheese… and the ingredients would not have included cheese)… “mmm with a thumbs up…” quote from a young french girl “Sampling” this flavor (wow you tube has everything… wondering how to offer this in the book… maybe as section with each chip describing the flavor by diverse samplers???)


Last… (should be expected since they are a generic brand)  Hot Dog, Cheese Burger and Kebab.   (By the way I would not call this “Kebab” flavored… it is  “Gyro” flavored…)

I will save the rest for the book…. (don’t want to give away the cow to sell the milk… think I got that wrong)


DUMP 3  Random Vacation Pictures  (mostly weird)

(these may disappoint if you are expecting the typical tourist pictures)

UMM Mystery Fruit… I ate this and no I didn’t find this in the street… I was at a restaurant.  I do not have any idea what it is… but I really like it…   Can someone tell me what it is.  (Hoping it was a fruit… not insect larvae)


Swiss Camel…   hmm…not so funny now… but when I got to Basel after 30+ hours of flights…. delays… and long layovers… I found this hilarious
One for the cat lovers…. Isabelle in Venice with a Cat…
And For the HARD CORE CAT LOVERS… hmmm and only 36.96 Euros… what  a bargain (hope you are not expecting normal vacation pictures)


American End Cap… at Super U in Wolfisheim…  My daughter Gwen hugged this for several minutes… kind of embarrassing
Big Strawberry… NOT sure why I took this picture…   maybe another coffee table idea???
Frederic Bartholdi (sculptor most famous for the statue of liberty) was born in Alsace and if you are in Colmar you can visit his home which is a museum… see models of the statue of liberty… etc.   this isn’t one of those.  I stopped at a random outlet store… and saw this random statue…  (wonder what the 6 means)


Jeans Condom

Not sure that this is “appropriate”…  and my wife told me not to post this when she saw me taking the picture… (hmm wonder what others thought as they witnessed me taking this picture.)

Please scroll past if you find this offensive…   especially if you don’t know what you are looking at…

and…if you don’t know what you are looking at I am not going into any details beyond vague references… (you kids be safe)

This is a picture of a vending machine in front of a pharmacy… I have passed this vending machine for the past several years I finally notice that one of the vended products… where branded “classic jeans”…   I am not sure what the “jeans” reference is suppose to evoke… or how this would entice anyone to make this purchase… in fact I find it quite confusing…   I admit I do find jeans confortable… but hmmm not the right kind of “comfortable”…   not the right material in my book…  They are also showing a rivet…   In college I used to dry my clothes in the oven… (no dryer) and I had a horrible burn experience with the oven hot rivets that made up the button fly of my jeans….  maybe hear lies my bias.

European Cup Fervor… Who ever created this simple face painting device… that automatically created the french flag is a genius…   (too bad the french lost… that beautiful smile was quickly changed…)
We rented a car on our trip… the car had this warning illustration on the dash… Love the detailed visualization of what will happen if you put a baby in the front seat.   (sorry it is blurred…  wonder if they changed the baby to red to make sure that everyone understood that this was not a fun thing for the baby.)
I found the Spanish Consulate in Strasbourg… Nice Building
I than noticed it was for rent… Times must be rough in Spain…  hmm..If you rent it do you automatically become an “honorary consulate” because that sounds like a great perk..



alsatian Farm.jpg
Thought I would post one or two “typical” tourist pictures.   This is an old Alsatian Farm… (Dream place for me)
Strasbourg… thought if you made it all the way through this post… you disserved a nice picture… I take this same picture every time I am here…  Just beautiful








10 thoughts on “Weekend with Jet Lag

  1. I like the flavors of the potato chips you have pictured. That fruit you have pictured is a tamarind. You can find them locally in the Mexican markets. You can also find candies made from the tamarind.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. This post was fabulous – it made me laugh out loud a lot – which given I am in a cafe trying to work was a little embarrassing. Hope you had a good trip and glad you are back :). What you said about the airbag story with the red baby especially made me laugh …. does this make me weird?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Jet-lag – how I remember those days. I just tried to go back to the old schedule if it meant staying up, going to bed early or whatever. It was hard but it usually worked. Strasboug – a beautiful city I toured with my hubby and sister who was stationed in Germany.

    Liked by 1 person

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