Next “Hair” Project Idea

I found my next “Hair” project… “HAIR TABLE RUNNERS”!   What do you think?

I got this idea from a wedding that I attended during our vacation.   I think one only truly understands and experiences another country when you are able to attend several “life” event ceremonies… i.e.   wedding, birth, funeral, graduation… etc.    I love noticing the differences and also the things that transcend location and culture…   Here are a couple of pictures form my nieces wedding in France… (then I will get back to the hair project)

Coming out of la Mairie.. just after the ceremony… and all of the kids throwing confetti
Beautiful couple… 
Ben of course with his “model” pose…


This is not typically french… but typical of my niece… their ring bearer was a dog… who took advantage of the cool floors before his big moment… (I was jealous… wishing I could join him… very hot… no Air Conditioning)
I helped set up the tables and chairs as well as the tents.   When I returned they had decorated the tables… This is where I notice the table runners.  (you can barely see them)


Center table… Hair Runner.   (in the bottom left you can see some smarties I stole from the kids table… which were decorated with a variety of candy… jealous of them as well)  

I am sure that the table runners were not made from real “hair” since they had a “plastic” feel.   I think if one used real hair it will add a touch of elegance… just need to figure out how to get it to stick together… (would hate to have it lift up and end up in someone’s food)   What do you think?




5 thoughts on “Next “Hair” Project Idea

  1. As a hair phobic, this just sounds all kinds of wrong to me! All I can imagine is, someone claiming there’s a hair in their soup and your saying, “ah yes, you got part of the decor in your bowl!” 😱

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  2. I think the hair might just add a touch too much excitement to the meal time. I can see the little children playing with their hair at the table instead of eating their food. Looks nice, maybe adults only?

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