WPD 7-7

I know that you have been waiting for this… and I don’t want to disappoint anyone… so HERE it is… Pictures of  McDonalds in Europe… (I should make a coffee table book… ) Out of principal I refuse to eat at McDonald’s especially in Europe (can’t imagine not eating the local dishes…) But I have noticed they are very popular and I hear many Americans when I pass by… plus I have to admit that my children love it… and there can be some interesting differences

McDonalds in Venice (if you need to a bathroom… great place)
McDonald’s – Strasbourg… (there is more than one but this one is located in a beautiful building… McDo recognizes another McDonald’s in Strasbourg as being the first in France… 1979…   This is not exactly true since they tried to start one in Paris in 1972 but it quickly failed and was shut down…  If you visit the “first” one in Strasbourg it has a plaque… Don’t have a picture it is in a mall and a bit ugly)


McDonald’s Wolfisheim (This is near my Mother-in-laws house… found it fascinating that this one offers table service… meaning they bring the food to your table…   they don’t have plates yet… but they are not far from that… hmmm… )

I could go on forever… but I think that will be enough… will save the rest for my coffee table book.


6 thoughts on “WPD 7-7

  1. When I read, “Pictures of McDonalds in Europe… (I should make a coffee table book… )”, I laughed so hard, mentally (as in, in my head)….it’s early and I’m not quite energized yet…but, I am going to think of this at work, and get some mental-mileage out of it 🙂 You are so so amusing….also, lovely looking McDonald’s, I must say! Have a great day 🙂


    1. What person hasn’t at least once in their life said… boy I would love to have a coffee table book of all the McDonalds in Europe… Imagine the fine moments spent looking through the pages and reading the rich history… (I might quit my job… and pursue this… I could make millions… and the travel would be fun)

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