Finally – Venice

We finally arrive in Venice…I wanted to whine and complain…  but on the plane we ran into 4 ladies from new Zealand who had the voyage from hell and were arriving 2 days late with just hours to catch their cruise (they lost any chance of seeing Venice) How do you complain after that?

This is our fist trip without the kids and it is nice…  to have Isabelle all to myself… no sharing… (except for that darn face-time.. which Isabelle has used 5 times today).   I am going to keep this short… cause…I don’t want to waste tourist time writing (I really said that…)  I am going to just share some of our pictures.

I think you will agree that Venice is a beautiful place.  (will write more… when I am back with the kids…)







(see ya… tomorrow)


14 thoughts on “Finally – Venice

  1. You didn’t tell us…did you ride in a gondola? I was a little freaked out with how close they lean towards the water! Ahhh, the beauty of Venice though – truly special. P.S. Can you make a grunt about Facetime if you spent some minutes blogging? 🙂 #TeamWives Ha ha!

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  2. Thank you so much, these are lovely photos and give a much better impression of what it’s really like than seeing it in films etc where there is usually someone tearing around escaping from someone else tearing around so you don’t get chance to see it properly! Have a great time😊

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  3. wonderful pictures…why didn’t I get the promised ticket though? I did promise never to tell on you to your wife…that should have netted me a ticket (at the very least one way) to somewhere!

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  4. Hiya! Top blogging… Counting down the days til our trip to Venice… I have a Q for you…

    Now I know it’s all personal preference but we are debating getting a water taxi from the airport vs a vaporetto. What was your choice? Anything to share on your experience? I’ve heard that nothing beats a water taxi, however the price has me coming over in a cold sweat; is it really worth it over the vaporetto?!


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    1. That is a great question… from the airport we took the waterbus and it was not great… dirty and crowded… the water taxis are much better… you will have a better view and are they are definitely much faster… we still avoided them because of the price… so expensive… not sure that for such a short boat ride that it is worth it. (HAVE a wonderful time in Venice… we sure did)


        1. just checked out your blog… FANTASTIC… (sorry about the “expensive message”… I won’t mention all of the other very expensive things there… since I am sure that you wife is like mine… and will find them all)

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