Weekend in Schiltigheim

This is my first “weekend” in France on vacation.   I decided to post some picture from my walk to church today.   Usually I write this for myself… very selfishly only thinking about what I want to “remember”.   This time I am writing for all of you!!!

I want you to see a city in  France… But not have any jealousy or sadness because you are not here with me…  I have chosen a town that… well you wont find in any tourist books… or scenic magazines.     I would not consider this town to be a “hidden gem” either…  in fact I would never come here if it were not on the way to church.


SCHILTIGHEIM – Ville Fleurie ( with 3 flowers...)- Ville amie des enfant (Friend to Children City)

Wow… if I could add a sign under all of these signs it would read “Ville  – Good but not too Good“.   Let me explain (or justify my sign with this post)…   but.. before I begin I want to address the “friend to children”…  this is obviously true…  Just the name “Schiltigheim” brings out the 13 year old boy in me.   Schiltigheim is located in Alsace… (Pronounced Al’s Ass.. I have mentioned this before with my choucroute recipe)… it never gets old saying my wife is from Al’s A** or that you can take a Rheinfahrt that stops in Alsace… (took this at the park on the Rhine… also spoke with some American passengers… they loved this river cruise… Amsterdam to Basel)

rheinfahrt.jpgYes… Schiltigheim… is the “Friend to Children” and every young child knows that if there is an Alsace… there will obviously be a Schiltigheim.   Man… I really got off topic.   Back to the “Ville- Good but not too Good” and back to the signs… you noted the sign that stated “Ville Fleurie” (annual contest in France).   They got the second highest one could get… and I really like the “wild- flower” natural meadow look…


GOOD— right (although this kind of “flower bed” is not everyone’s thing… don’t worry…we will come back to the light posts… which I love)


and… “Not too GOOD”… (do these even count as flowers?).  

Let’s talk about the red-bent lamp posts.  I find them to be so interesting and clever.   Almost like people with hats walking down the street.


Very GOOD… artistic…  chic!


Hmmm…  Almost GOOD…   kind of reminds me of the partridge family bus…  (where are the flowers?)

Let me continue… One enters Schiltigheim via the industrial section… the first picture (feature picture) is taken from there… and here is another…


I think all of you will agree GOOD!!!! NOT sure that it is normal for the industrial zone to look better than the city… (Maybe I am wrong about this… you judge)


just… well… drive by no need to notice…  “not too Good”… in Alsace they are not afraid of color…  even with all of the blues, pinks, oranges, and purples… something seems… well ordinary.

The street markers in here are made from the same stone’s that make up the beautiful Cathedral in Strasbourg.


Almost “monumental” in nature…  speaking of monuments… every city needs one and here is Schiltigheim’s monument.


hmm… kind of disappointing… maybe its just me… (the bonhomme is not even wearing a shirt)

Last picture combines GOOD and not too Good all in one.  Here is some back story. My father in law shared with me the story of him returning to Alsace towards the end of world war II(he was a refuge during the war)… He said the moment he saw the “flèche ” of the Cathedral he got down and kissed the ground.   He had tears in his eyes as he was telling me this.  Anyone that lives near Strasbourg can not help but admire this wonderful landmark and feel “Alsatian pride” when seeing the cathedral.

YES… you have a view of the cathedral from Schiltigheim…


Good but not too Good… not sure you would want to kiss the ground here….(you can also see IKEA… and yes they are having “Soldes”)


(thought I should add my destination…   the church… a very small congregation but almost like an extended family… see them only once a year…   and they greet me with all the warmth and kindness one could ask for)

















4 thoughts on “Weekend in Schiltigheim

  1. Bless your dad’s heart…and, I was struck by the lamp posts right away…your whimsical assessment didn’t occur to me until you pointed it out 🙂 My first thought was that they reminded me of a Dr. Seuss imagining….thank you for sharing your early-morning walk…I’v seen sights I never would have laid eyes on otherwise…you are changing my world 🙂

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