WPD 7-2

The water is so high right now that it is brown… Speaking of “Brown“… One of the first things you learn while walking in France is that you must watch where you are stepping.  If you do not you will step “in IT“…   (you know…stinky little presents from passing dogs… horrible…  makes you realize that the only argument for a cat over a dog is that  a cat will at least  bury their waste… ).   In France it seems to be a large problem ( maybe more of a small- frequent-stinky problem)… I have to often warn my children to watch out for the dog chocolate…

I am not just writing random crap… this is my introduction to the following Weird Picture of the Day.  (today I have two… same theme)


(A Lightning POO-dle)


And yes… this is Kee Kee…

(Is this really a poster of a dog with his bum taped up sponsored by the city of Strasbourg???  are they promoting this???  poor dog…  Plus I don’t think the tape will hold)….




11 thoughts on “WPD 7-2

  1. Hahahahhahahahhhahhaah….your compassion and contemplation is such an amusing pairing….poor dog, and will the tape hold…hahahahahaha
    Also, who woulda thunk it? Glamorous France….has a poo-poo and pee-yew problem? 🙂

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    1. Yes… France does… it is nice to have that to have something to keep all of that “glamor” in check… Believe me… nothing can kill a romantic stroll more than an unfortunate step… (when I say romantic stroll I mostly mean walking back from the boulangerie… eating a pasterie)

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          1. I find it all very interesting and entertaining…you are sharing things I wouldn’t see otherwise…I really enjoy your perspectives and I am a person who has always been curious and interested in others…I think people can be so fascinating, so I’m really appreciating these snippets of your vacation 🙂 Thank you!

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  2. Les crottes de chien! I hope I’m spelling that properly. I spent a college semester in France – Tours – and marveled at how the French handle dog poop … they don’t. Picnic in the grass as your own risk; there will be poop and no matter how close you look, once you sit you’ll discover you didn’t look close enough.

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