Vacation and Long Walks

Today was fantastic… (very little shopping… we still did some… you know… les soldes… but it was limited).   My vacations are a time for walking… I mean really walking.   I love walking around and exploring… (plus I have to walk off all of the pastries I am eating).     This is kind of “creepy” but google tracks you everywhere you go… and they are now getting good enough to know when you are walking, riding in a car, on a train… or in an airplane.  I thought It might be interesting to share my “google timeline” for today.


The light blue is walking and the dark blue is riding in a car.  I walked 22.5 km today!!!  and  walked all the way to Germany… actually a park called “Jardin des deux rives”.   This park is on the Rhine and is located on both the French side as well as the German Side.   Here are a couple picture of my walk to the park


Ill river Strasbourg (kind of a funny name for a river)


L’Eglise St. Paul (My favorite church in Strasbourg… not that I go to this one… just like to look at it)


Random sign about bikers and pedestrians and respect… (maybe not as interesting)

Back to the Park…

Jardin des Deux Rives.jpg

The kids, their cousins, and my wife met me at the park on the French side and we crossed the bridge to the German side since they have an awesome water playground..   The kids loved it…  Ben being Ben… wanted to make friends but was struggling since he can’t speak or understand German…  We managed to teach him “Wie heißt du?” so he could at least get a name…  and he and the other kids made up for the rest with splashes… (newly discovered universal language)

Here are some pictures

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


We also climbed  Weißtannenturm a 44 meter tower (144 feet tall).   I have done this several times… but every time it moves (it moves with the slightest breeze)… I end up sitting down and embarrassing myself.  Here are some pictures of the tower..



(give you an ides of what you are standing… or if you are like me… sitting on at the top)


View from the top… Strasbourg and Kehl

Before I end this post… I learned one thing today… little German girls are (please excuse the language… but not sure how to express it any better)… BAD ASS…   There was a “big kid” section with a rope course and I saw two little girls starting to play on it.   I wanted to run over and pull them off… but then noticed they were doing it better than my older kids.   Here is a picture of them moving across one of the sections… Notice how high!  and they are in dresses????


See ya tomorrow…






9 thoughts on “Vacation and Long Walks

  1. Better warn Ben about those German girls! Ha ha. The view from the top of the tower was beautiful, but I think I’d have the same reaction going up it. If wind can sway it, it’ll be swaying my heartbeats as well! The Google piece is kind of creepy! Though congrats on your mileage! Cheers to another fine day! (The rest of us are vicariously vacationing via your blog – so thanks!)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. So cool! Walking on vacation is the best way to take it all in. You can stop or go at your own speed, get closer to what you want to see, or change your path in a new direction. Thank you for sharing your adventure and pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Totally awesome…although, the photos of that vertical nerve buster may have induced nightmares-to-come…and, that doesn’t even take the “swaying” into account. You did this voluntarily? haha I am terrified of heights…especially of the rickety kind. On a much lighter note, Sam is so charming…making friends where ever he goes…what a sweetie 🙂 And, yes, those little girls are amazing….I wonder how you say Bad Ass in German 🙂 Thanks for sharing such wonders….until next time 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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