WPD Strasbourg France 6-30

Before sharing my weird picture I wanted to talk about one of my favorite wild flowers we find here… the Coquelicot.  (featured image… and the coquelicot is fun to say)  I didn’t think I would see any because it is already Summer but they were still out by the corn fields…  (exciting for me... no mocking please… I know I excite easily…)

This weird picture was found by my wife and daughter Gwen while shopping for food (and treats) for the family… We all laughed when we saw it… Translations for food do not always work… and sometimes it is worse when they just change the name to other English words… I will show the US version of this candy then the French…


( I hate these sour gummy candies but My kids love them…)  Here is the french version!


VERY BAD KIDS!!!!   (you could buy these for your kids when they have been acting up…)


4 thoughts on “WPD Strasbourg France 6-30

  1. I saw a stand in our local supermarket yesterday, proudly announcing “All American Sweets” it was full of Reece’s peanut butter this and that and Nerds! I have never seen it before, I wonder if this is because 4th July is coming up! As for Les Coquelicots, I agree such a fab word – and yes they are still out in force, probably because the weather has not behaved and it is still decidedly cool for the end of June!

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