OH No… Les soldes d’été (forgot about it)

Before I get to the “SOLDES”… I want to say that the day started off… well beautifully.   We went for a nice walk around Oberhausbergen… Isabelle’s home town. (funny name for a french city… but they are all strange names in Alsace)

Here are some pictures from the morning walk… You will note that almost all of my vacations pictures end up at somewhere with food especially pastries… you can also see… Sam enjoying an éclair breakfast.  (yes I am still a horrible father when it comes to making breakfast)

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After the walk Isabelle asked me to help buy her mother a dress for our nieces wedding next week.  I agreed even though I hate shopping… and I did this because it was for Yvonne (wife’s mother).   Everyone jokes about their Mother in-law… but I seriously can’t find anything negative to say about mine… (maybe I just found something to complain about… she is too perfect… ).   Honestly  Yvonne is truly an angel and I love her dearly…   Both she and her late husband are people that I admire and really want to emulate.  As an example of their kindness both of Isabelle’s parents worked for Albert Schweitzer (who was born in a nearby village — Kaysersberg)  doing charity work.   Here is a picture of Yvonne with Albert Schweitzer.  (hopefully I don’t need to explain who he is…)


I can really get off topic…. sorry…back to shopping…  We left for Strasbourg and to my dismay… realized way to late to back out… with a believable excuse… that France was having their summer sale…   France has some interesting commerce laws and “Sales” happen only twice a year… Winter Sale and Summer Sale.  The only fond memory of these sales was the first time I saw them… and kept wondering why everything was marked as already “SOLDES”… (at the time didn’t know that it was the word for “sale” in French).   My wife had a similar experience in the US… except she was wondering why everything had gotten “SALE” (means “dirty” in french… and she didn’t know what it meant in English)….

Unfortunately this is where any good feelings about “les soldes d’été” end…  I mentioned earlier about going to hell and Satan giving me a crochet hook as punishment… well this would be his next torment… (go shopping with your wife… and there is a big sale)   My wife can spend literally hours (like today… ) looking for a bra…  I especially hate lingerie stores… never no where to look….  I finally couldn’t take it any longer so I left her and the madness… and I wandered around Strasbourg taking these pictures…

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and I of course ended this walk with something to eat… ICECREAM…


Decided to try a new flavor   GERANIUM…   and it tasted like… well  like the flower smells… kind of horrible…


Tomorrow another WPD (Weird Picture of the Day)…


11 thoughts on “OH No… Les soldes d’été (forgot about it)

  1. That settles it…you are wonderful on an international scale….such a great post and strikingly-gorgeous photos….all of you must feel like you are in heaven…I laughed inside at the thought of you hating shopping…I do, too….bless your wife’s heart–I bet she was in her element…shopping in France would take her enjoyment to a whole ever level! And, eclairs for breakfast…I could certainly go for that…thank you for sharing your adventure and such splendid photos…nothing like a vicarious vacation to make one’s day even better 🙂 “See you” next time 🙂

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  2. Geranium? How….. botanical. I shall take your word on it’s flavor and steer clear. But if I run across some hydrangea gelato I’ll take the plunge and let you know.


  3. This is great! I give you props for trying that flavor – I never would! The story about the word “sale” was funny. Isn’t it interesting the challenges that can take place between various languages? Oh, so question…is it just me, or is France just completely beautiful? Don’t get me wrong, I do admire the natural beauty in America, but I feel like the towns in France always look like a postcard. Thoughts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think it is beautiful… Strasbourg is especially beautiful… with that said… I think we notice or see more when we are looking at what we are not use to seeing… so it will always seem more interesting and beautiful… the trick is to find the beauty everywhere you go…

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  4. Loving your *ramblings* in both senses of the word. I am travelling and walking vicariously – that way I don’t have Google following my every move! Great photos and stories, definitely not boring 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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