Departure and Arrival – Strasbourg

We made it… FINALLY… over 30 hours of travelling… (had some late planes and missed transfers)…  I will not bore you with all of details but the kids were awesomely patient,  well behaved (well for my kids) and towards the end… completely exhausted.  While waiting for the first plane I snuck away for a small walk… when I returned it was announced to me by the two older children that “Ben” (6 year old) had made friends with the pilots of our plane.   Ben interrupted stating “actually… I think they are going to let me fly the plane!”   Wow… all my lies to them have finally backfired…  and I not believing a word of this story said…  “you can’t even drive a car… how are you going to drive an airplane?”.   Ben simple stated “I think they can show me…”.

The entire flight Ben kept asking me when the pilots were going to come get him…  (at this time I didn’t believe he had actually even met them and was worried that he was pushing this “story” a little far…).   At the end of the flight as we were de-planing” (and me…still not believing Ben) we passed the cockpit the pilots said “Ben come in and help us”….  hmm… so he was telling the truth… (mostly) and I was surprised and delighted with the kindness that these men showed my children… and of course the kids were thrilled.   Probably the highlight of the “LONG” voyage…

Ben asked how he could become a pilot (I was having a proud dad moment until…)…   They answered Military or School… He got all excited and said in the Military will I kill people… (oh… boy…  I could not even think of an excuse for what he said… wonder if it is related to all the video games he plays… or maybe I  should be really worried).   At the next airport…Ben made friends with a TSA officer and got an Junior TSA Honorary Badge from them… (he didn’t say anything embarrassing but I still think that I need to teach him Stranger Danger…)


SO… we are in Strasbourg… I will be posting as I have in the past (although not in a blog… ) a Weird Picture of the day…   I did this for my older daughter when she was young and couldn’t travel with us… (not with us again… someday I hope she and her husband will fly out with us.)

WEIRD PICTURE OF THE DAY… (the longest 32 hour DAY of my life…)

In keeping with the Ben theme…   I am posting this one… It may not be weird to you… but it made me scratch my head since this was in front of a “Fudge” store.


Not sure what a bear in snorkeling gear had to do with selling fudge… and not sure what Ben’s pose is… (I asked him to do a swimming pose)….

Please… stay near your computers… I will try to post something daily during this vacation.  Hopefully better  “weird” pictures along with some nice “vacation” pictures and of course vacation stories… (hopefully they will not bore you… if they do… just stop reading and hit like… see you tomorrow)







9 thoughts on “Departure and Arrival – Strasbourg

  1. Sooooooo happy to know you and your wonderful family have arrived safely….and, reading of Ben’s escapades made me smile….he has his dad’s quirky charm (best kind of charm there is)…..thanks for sharing your thoughts, adventure, and vaca photos….see you next time 🙂

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  2. Glad you landed safely! Ben is hysterical. Thanks for sharing his awesome quotes. Maybe you can do a “weird things the kids said” post. Any parent knows kids will say the wildest things, no matter the home training. 😉

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