Weekend Wexit

This weekend we will be preparing for our vacation to France… (OFF FOR THREE WEEKS… and I am Excited).  The Poppies in the featured image have nothing to do with this preparing… I took this picture at my bunker…thought they were beautiful… and  wanted to share them.

SO…. While packing and finishing up last minute errands…  and in addition to finishing the Cyanotype chemicals (boy that sounds a bit nefarious) posted previously (here)  I thought I would  sneak in a post of some random “Crap”… before we leave….  Hopefully this won’t be too boring.

Random Thing One:

I have to start over on my rug because it started weaving in… (over two inches… and I don’t know what to do… I am a bit sad…well not sad but frustrated. ).  Before leaving I decided to cut it off the loom at just over 1/3 done then I washed and dried it.   It looks “ok”… or maybe not…not sure …curious about what other’s think… When I get back I am going to restart a new rug (lick the spatula) and research more on “what not to do”.


Random Thing Two:

My mother gave me a “natural dye” thingy… not sure what to call it… but I think I want to make my own… when I get back…   I have dyed wool with annatto,  cabbage, black beans, cochineal and woad… I want try Nettle…   I think with those six colors I could make something really nice… (below is the one that my mother gave me… and I just noticed this is turning into a what I want to do… not what I have done…)


Random Thing Three:


Friday I received another “gift of Hair”… and before I leave I wanted to do something with the hair that was offered me earlier this week (click here if you missed this).   So I decided to make a Hair Bracelet…  I spun it like wool… but with no wool added… (tamed it a bit with hair gel once it was spun… )  I then tied a “hair friendship bracelet”.



Last Random Thing:

I had to vacuum pack all of the cheese (including the raclette I introduced here)in my cheese cave..  ( I haven’t made any for over a month… because I knew I was leaving).   I have to vacuum pack them because I wont be there to wash the rind…   I will begin making more cheese when I get back… and will share another recipe when I get back.


THAT is all I have time for… Keep nearby… I will be sharing some awesome pictures of France over the next three weeks…










14 thoughts on “Weekend Wexit

  1. France for three weeks….so excited for you!!! And, the poppies are glorious, your rug is precious and evidence of great accomplishment…I’m the sentimental type, so I say, cherish it 🙂 And, thank you for sharing the rest of your random things…I have been out of touch for the past couple weeks (working on/through some things that alternately distracted and exhausted me), but I looked for you today (my first leisurely day back on the blog scene) and am delighted to find you “active”. Sounds like life is really good…I’m happy for you. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Anxiously awaiting the pictures from France (currently annoyed with the dog-scaring fireworks outside – a side note for you). What was the response from the hair bracelet? Or did you not give it to the donor? I think the next rug should be bigger. Lastly, I might send my husband to your house for cheese. He eats it nearly every morning for breakfast! Ha ha. No, seriously, he does. Enjoy your trip and have a wonderful time with your loved ones!


    1. Thank you….I left the hair bracelet on his desk… He should get it Monday…I have no idea how he will react…. You are right about the rug…. And lastly… My wife sounds like your husband… She loves cheese….

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