Here are some Cyanotypes that I have made in the past week.   I really like playing with this process and I am leaving for France in a couple of days… So… I want to use up all of the chemicals before I leave.   (this is just pictures… click here if you want “how to”)


Grandfather and Grandmother…


Isabelle (when she was a little girl… ) and her Father






Grandfather WW 2 Flying a P-38


Co-worker from Bolivia (he gave me a scarf… I made this for him)


Not all were successful… Here is a one that didn’t work well… made from a picture of me from the late 80s when I lived in France…. can’t quite see my face…  look like I am on drugs…  Kind of hate it… and Kind of like it…  (really just not sure how I feel about it)





5 thoughts on “More…Cyanotypes

  1. Just awesome….wow, the images are wonderful…and, I absolutely love Isabelle and her father’s smiles….so radiant and unabashed in their joy 🙂 As for the image of you…quintessential 80’s….am I seeing shaved sides and braids cascading to one side….I love, love that one….it makes me smile….you never cease to delight 🙂 Thanks for sharing this uber-interesting post 🙂

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