Weird World Conquest 6/23

Just a quick… update….I am still anxiously engaged in conquering the world… One view at a time.  (Back Story)   This week I was only able to add two countries to my map… Bolivia and Russia.  I would be sad  but Russia on the map is so big…  (lots of color)


I am not sure why I was read by someone from Russia… But Bolivia… well… I have and idea… and I am very honored (not that I am not honored with the Russia view…).   I have co-workers from Bolivia and there are several here in the home office… After sitting by me and overhearing talk about my interesting hair hobby… I am sure they spread the word south…   I mentioned this earlier… but I am very touched by their kindness…they gave me this scarf… (love getting things from different places…)




14 thoughts on “Weird World Conquest 6/23

  1. Oh, at last! You collected Bolivia! Congrats! Meanwhile, I am stuck at 28. :-/ This shall soon become a post of mine (if you don’t mind…?). Also, I’ve added you to my page’s blogroll. Happy blogging!

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  2. Congrats on Bolivia! I have – ahem – 83 countries lit up on my map! I don’t have Greenland, I do have Iceland and some African countries, and this week the Isle of Man. I even have the Britsh Virgin Islands. Russia is an asset, I agree. I have Liechstenstein amd Latvia. I often muse on what draws people from far-flung places and cultures to read my health/nutrition blog. One of my first was Cameroon.

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  3. Aruba! I didn’t know where this is, had to Google it. A tiny Caribbean island off the coast of Venezuela. Looks gorgeous. Dutch influence, lovely beaches. Very proud to add it to my collection. 👌🏻

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