Whair Update Two for Tuesday

Here goes… another “creepy” post… that is at least how my wife will label this… (fortunately she can’t categorize or add tags to my posts).

WHAIR HAS A FUTURE… or at least “IT” is not letting me push into my “closet of weird abandoned hobbies”.  (it is quit full of interesting things… trust me…  like a half built submarine I spent a summer building when I was 14… mother was happy I abandoned that one…)

If you don’t know the word “WHAIR”…  checkout “Weekend with Whair” and “Small Whair Update“.  (thought whair to be clever branding)

Small back story…   I mentioned earlier that at work I had a kind co-worker let all of my female co-workers know that I desired their hair… (that is creepy… and yes I still have people looking down or busy anytime I walk past them…)….   BOY I ramble….

Sorry… let me get to the point… Yesterday a co-worker… a guy… come to my desk and said “Heard you make things with hair…”.   I knew immediately what was going to happen since I notice his previous long hair was now shaved completely off…   I said “Yes”… and showed him the hat I had made out of hair… (… it is at work.. since my wife won’t let me bring it into the home) 


He then dropped this package off on my desk.   This might have gone unnoticed but we have visitors from the Bolivia office (you would think at least one of them would visit my blog… jesh).  They were in vacant seats around me and after overhearing this conversation were laughing nervously…  I tried to explain the “hair” thing… by showing them the hat… and one said… Please I don’t want to look at it or touch it.  (must be a cultural thing).  Another showed me his “alpaca” scarf and said it was made from llama fur…he then informed me llama fur is much better suited for making things with… (hmmm… Don’t understand why he would bring a scarf here in the middle of the summer… and he thinks I am weird)


They gave me this bag and I graciously said “thank you… it is perfect for holding my hair”.   They all looked at one another and started talking in Spanish… hmmm… and then a passing co-worker said…”Don’t encourage him…” (not sure what all of that meant.)

UPDATE…   (It has been several days since I wrote this….)

The day after posting this.. one of the kind C0-workers from Bolivia  (they are all so kind)… offered me a beautiful alpaca scarf   (too bad it is so warm outside…)  AND…   I have had 3 Visits from BOLIVIA!!!…  MY WORLD READ ME CONQUEST is still moving forward…which is AWESOME… 

SO…. what will I make…   it is not enough for a hat, scarf or socks……   maybe… I could make a him a “Hemp/Hair” bracelet… he could then offer the bracelet to his girlfriend… (what a romantic idea)…

DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEAS….  WOULD LOVE to get any suggestions from some of my incredibly talented and creative readers.  PLEASE leave any ideas in the comments.



17 thoughts on “Whair Update Two for Tuesday

  1. At first I thought, well there he goes again being weird..then I remembered a renaissance faire I used to attend and a particular booth that was doing an amazing load of sales per day..they had nothing special just some woven products…I checked them out on a slow day (I created and sold garb for women and one can only have so many undergarments!)and found that the placemats, table runners, scarves and cloches were all made of…yep. Human Hair and silk. The vendor had sold out. So, sorry, you are not as weird as I know you were hoping to be sweetie. Hang in there though. I am quite sure you can come up with something great if you only try. (ROLFMAO)

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      1. You can felt with dog hair as well! However, human hair isn’t very suitable, unless you mix it with another fibre – it’s not as scale-y as other animal fibres so it won’t felt well (think of all the trouble people go through to make dreads! Watch a YouTube tutorial and you’ll see).

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          1. No, you should actually try for yourself and see what happens 😀 That way you’ll have yet another blog post to write, and experience to keep in your memory banks!

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  2. Yep – that was weird! And sorry, I do not have any ideas because I never heard of someone doing this. Ha! Well, if I think of anything (while telling my friends about this weird blog I started reading LOL), I’ll let you know….A tie? A pen holder so your wife can easily find her pen in her purse? (thinking she won’t be a fan of that one) A picture frame? (well like the outer part, not the main structure itself) Hmmmmm

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    1. I have been very careful about this… I did not want to take away from programs that help people… I found out that the hair has to be at least 12 inches long to donate… (so I have been only accepting less than that… )

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  3. This is very… Victorian of you. Yes, Victorians were weird about death and also hair! They used to make these trinkets with hair and give them to friends – I know Lord Byron used to give these out to ladies (who would faint at the privilege) but it was in fact made with his dog’s fur 😀


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