Winner of Dirt and Herbs

Before I announce the winner…  (link to contest post) I want to explain why it has taken me so long.   I do have an excuse…  (other than… I stink at making up my mind).   I had planted the winner  a while back and the plant died… (wonder if that was some kind of OMEN??) I replanted and waited for it to look well… like it would live.

Here is the winner:

LEMON THYME (Kimberly – My Frugal Farmstead)!!!!

Lemon Thyme looks like English Thyme and grows like English Thyme but that is where the similarity stops. Lemon Thyme definitely smells like lemon and tastes like lemon. It can be used in any recipe calling for lemon juice, lemon zest or lemon flavoring.

Congratulations to Kimberly…   She has had a spell of bad news…i.e… Leaky Barn roof and “Dorothy miscarrying her calf”…  I hope this puts a little bit of hope back into her bleak life…(maybe exaggerating a little there)… Here is a a picture and she is welcome to post it on her blog letting everyone see her mighty accomplishment. (again… might be over doing it a little).


You can see it is clearly marked with the blog’s name… (Left off Kimberly so my wife would not have to explain why I labelled a square after some lady from the internet… and “My frugal Farmstead” sounds like the place I bought it from…).   I also gave this plant a friend… you can see in the upper right.   Have no idea what this plant is… other than it was called a “Curry Plant”…

THANKS to all who participated.



12 thoughts on “Winner of Dirt and Herbs

  1. Okay – so I completely missed this contest, but I love it! And leaving the Kimberly off gave me such a chuckle. Wise man! Enjoy and good choice! Congrats Kimberly aka ______ (punt intended) My Frugal Farmstead. 🙂

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  2. You mean adding stranger’s names to stuff around the house is bad for a relationship? 😀

    Well chosen, lemon thyme is definitely one of my favourite herbs. It’s gorgeous in tea!

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      1. I tell my fiancé I have a lover (and I’ve given him a very weird name, one I know I’ll never have in a friend!) and I just love it that I get to make such a joke and have him know I’m just pulling his leg 😊 Here’s to our better halves and their loveliness!

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  3. I missed the competition too, but I love lemon thyme, I grow it in my English garden along with white oregano, rosemary and lemonbalm. We had lots of different kinds of sage but they got greedy and took over the whole patch so they were evicted, but not before we dried a whole load, enough to last until the apocalypse!

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