Wednesday’s World Conquest

It has been a week since I first came out of the “everywhere read me” closet… and my goal to conquer the world is moving nicely forward… (I am not sure that any of this sounds healthy… or makes sense).  If you don’t know what I am talking about… you can read my last week’s blog that explains all of this…   world read me fetish (link) 

Some of you reading this understand… and if you are like me… you are amazed that someone from so far away would take time to read your words…  Is it not wonderful how  small the world is becoming… and I am learning so much…  I wasn’t sure Uzbekistan was a real place… and I had never heard of the Country… “Turks & Caicos Islands”…  all of this amazing… (I know… you  think I am weird…)

I feel so privileged this week to have added the following 7 countries to my “read me” check list… (and I finally got someone from South America…)


If you are reading this and from one of these locations… leave a comment so everyone can visit you and your words…   and most of all THANK YOU



20 thoughts on “Wednesday’s World Conquest

  1. I (still) love this idea! Congrats on the growing map. Send some of your love my way! Haha You might find this somewhat interesting (at least a little, please), last year I made a quilt with fabric collected from around the world. After a month of collecting, the quilt was created with fabric from 49 different countries. Including Uzbekistan. 🙂

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