Weird Obsession… and Help Request

I am going to “out” myself and my new obsession..  Here goes (deep breath)… I want the world to read me… not everyone… just everywhere.    There it is!…  I said it…  Just admitting it feels weird. (am I suppose to feel unburdened now?… or embarrassed and ashamed?).  I am like an addict… I  just can’t get enough… and I am not talking about “followers” or “likes” or “comments”… but visitors from different countries… (I want my map all colored in… a visit from every country… ).  Have I developed a “world read me fetish”?

Before you judge (stop laughing...)… Let me offer some back story for those interested.

I chose to blog my weekends to document some of the “weird” things that I do…  I chose wordpress with the idea at the end of each year I could use some online service like Into Real Pages to create a “real” journal.   I had no initial desire for others to read what I write…   Honestly I was surprised at how enjoyable it was to have all of you read, like, and even comment on my writings… and I have loved discovering all of you through your posts.  With that stated… the thing that really excites me… makes me absolutely giddy…is every time I have a visit from some new country… currently I have been visited by 31 unique countries…(why would someone from Rwanda read me???)…I should be content with 31… BUT I WANT MORE… Not just more… ALL…   You can’t imagine the angst I feel when I notice things like I have yet to even have one visit from South America… (oh…why do they ignore me)

I have noticed many are searching for and writing about ways to increase the amount of “followers”… I want to know… where is the help for those that want more diversity in there readers… (geographical diversity)…I need your help… Any ideas or advice for having a visit from every country in the world?… is this possible?… does anyone share this obsession and want to create a support group???  I want to conquer the world… are you with me?

Here is my current map  (so much grey… what will I do):



32 thoughts on “Weird Obsession… and Help Request

    1. Kimberly… that a good idea… but makes me feel a little bit dishonest… ( I only hit like or comment on blogs that I honestly like… almost feels like chumming… )… I guess I need to find interesting blogs from those missing areas and search for posts that I like… (I may try the SEI first… though)


      1. Yeah, I thought it might sound a bit shady. But nothing says you have to like things willy-nilly. Exactly like you said, find an area you’re missing and look for intriguing posts in that country. It also depends on how quickly you want to accomplish your mission of having a hit from every country. A couple of months or a couple of years….

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      1. Question. How do you get the map of total readers? I can only view a map of today’s views. Not all of the days combined. I’d love to see a map with all of the data. Today I had Ethiopia – which just so happens to be my FAVORITE type of food! 🙂 Woot woot!

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        1. I click on the Years tab on the blog stats… then you click on the current year bar (in the graph) (I haven’t been doing this more than three months so there is only one bar) and if you look below you will see the map filled in with this years visits.

          SO… You got a visitor from ETHIOPIA … Fantastic (kind of jealous)… I would be extremely jealous but I got a visitor from Uzbekistan… Would have never imagined someone from there reading my blog…what an honor…

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  1. So, of course, I had to immediately go back and check the stats for my art blog just to see how many countries were colored in on my map. This would actually be a fun little goal to set. Conquering the world LOL. I like the sound of that. I’ll be following along and watching your progress. Good luck!

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  2. Awesome post , a genuine quest … like your honesty as to liking some post you actually like reading ,having said ..let me add we can visit other blogs , read them & give a comment or like ,that way getting to know each other & the community ( though i don’t find time to do that myelf ) . Thank you so much for nominating me for libster award ! Best wishes ahead !

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  3. I too am fascinated by where my readers are and why they would be interested in my blog. I have Vietnam, Latvia, Albania, Côte d’Ivoire and several South American countries (sorry). I look forward to following your quest for world domination, but I think I may get there first 😉

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