Maybe… I What???

Being weird… I often find that I bring out the weird in all my co-workers  (closeted weirdos)…Imagine coming into work and seeing this left on your desk…   Now ponder the intended message… is this to make me laugh? is someone actually concerned about my “self touching”?  or could there be a more nefarious intended message?   What do all of you think?


7 thoughts on “Maybe… I What???

  1. Too funny. They need those on the back of restroom doors. I’ve far too many people exit the stall and leave out the restroom without washing their hands.

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    1. the worst thing I ever saw.. (should I be sharing this???)… was a man leave without washing… didn’t wash but he grabbed a paper towel and dried his hands… hmmm… dried but didn’t wash… why were his hands wet… very disturbing

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      1. My jaw literally dropped when I read this. That is disturbing! Honestly, it’s the reason why I avoid shaking hands. I step back and do the head nod. Otherwise I’m looking for a bathroom so that I can immediately wash my hands after a handshake.

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