Small Whair Update

Before beginning with this weekend’s  project…  I want to add a small update to last weekends whair.   You never know where (whair → where…clever huh) an idea will lead and this one may end up with me having to meet with HR .  Let me explain a bit further… I happened to mention to a co-worker that that while spinning hair I found the red hair to be especially beautiful and it was “unfortunate” that there was so little of it in the hat.  My co-worker asked me why I didn’t just ask all of our colleagues with red hair to save their hair for me when they got it cut.  I said… no… that “might” be too “creepy”… she replied… stop being such a “wimp”.   The next day I was informed that all my co-workers who had long red hair were told (thank you… Ms. helpful) that I wanted them to save  and bring me their hair “trimmings”(darn… more  reinforcement for my weird reputation)  So.. any day now… I imagine an HR vist and  having to explain why I am asking all of my red-headed female co-workers for their hair…. not sure they are going to understand my “human hair” yarn projects.  (why must we always suffer for our art)

I do want to add another update…  The hair dresser that gave me the hair liked the hat from pictures… Co-worker Joe is taking it to her so she can experience it “live”…. and  I also had another wife of a co-worker state that it looked nice… but that I need to learn how to crochet better (darn it… I hate crocheting)…

Maybe “whair” has a future!!!








9 thoughts on “Small Whair Update

    1. You are correct Accidentally!… I didn’t ask anyone… Thanks for taking my side! Although just to make myself more clear these are not the original hair donators… (the original were random donors from the hair cutter who cut co-worker Joe’s hair). The current people (red heads) were asked two days ago by another co-worker… (I am considering going to talk to those people.. try to explain that this is for a new project… Yarn with red “hair” only…) Just not sure that would make things better….

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  1. Oh dear. I have a confession to make: I have a hair phobia. When it’s not on on one’s head, it gives me the creeps (great for me, I’m getting married to a guy with hair down his waist!) That photo… I can’t look at it for too long now that I know what it is 😳
    Can’t wait to find out if HR will call you on accounts of your weird requests 😂

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    1. Leonor… I find it amusing… but you are not the only one that feels that way about disembodied hair…my wife won’t let me keep it in the house… yarn or hat… (left it at work…)… and HR…. it will be interesting in any case… would love to be able to record what they ask and say… (and photo their facial expressions… ). The only solace I have with a possible visit is the fact that I am going to be much more comfortable with the subject than they will be.

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      1. Haha, I bet! It would be an interesting conversation for sure 😁 And I’m glad I’m not the only one with the weird hair phobia. I actually had to stop hand washing alpaca because it felt so much like hair that it was making me gag… 😳

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  2. I’m still examining my feelings towards spun human hair. I wonder if it would be possible to spin some sort of lace thread with it, like often with flax and nettles and … I wonder if it would be softer then or still prickly.
    On the other side, it also makes me think of crime scenes on television shows or horror movies. But then again, a bag of raw sheeps fleece is also just trimmings…

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