Liebster Award

Liebster award

WOW… I can finally check this off my bucket list… was getting desperately worried… with feelings of inadequacy and anxiety.  I want to call out and thank my “make my dream come true”… follower…  KIMBERLY from MY FRUGAL FARMSTEAD  go visit her site!!!!She is a wonderful writer, farmer, cook… she is interesting ( I mean this sincerely) and obviously very intelligent… with superb taste when it comes to “following” other bloggers (hence my nomination)… Kimbery even helped me with my rhubarb… (it was starting to bolt.. .but thanks to her it is back to normal… and I will be eating rhubarb tarte this summar!!! …)…

Here is the Liebster rules:


I would like to quote Kimbery… describing me while nominating my blog:

“Weird Weekends is a godsend especially for hardworking mothers who have cows named after the golden girls and 10 acre farms.   His blog has helped my husband double the amount of face cord from 10 to 20 in our wood pile…   removed all of the cedar apple gall rust that has been threatening our apple trees… and most importantly  we are unable to put our toddler girl and baby boy to sleep without reading them their favorite bedtime blog… “weird weekends”

I could not say it any better even if I made the entire quote up.  Now the hard part… answering all of the questions without lying or exaggerating… (I can’t promise I will succeed… )

Describe yourself in 7 words or less

  • acceptably odd/weird (I hope acceptably)
  • curious
  • extrovert
  • loving
  • unfiltered
  • sexy (well not really but my wife makes me feel that way)
  • risk taker

Name 5 items you can’t live without.

  • Family (are they items?)
  • My Moto 360 Second Gen Watch
  • My Surface Book
  • Coke Zero (hate to admit that… will be quitting on my birthday… a very dark day I predict)
  • Internet

What era of history intrigues you the most and why?

  • 1800s  I think this is the age… where life was not too easy… but not impossibly difficult… technology and science were starting to bloom…  but we were still connected to nature and not removed from our natural world and each other.

If you had to choose a mascot for yourself, what would it be and why?

  • Hanaman… (Love monkeys and what better monkey than one that is a god)

Describe your biggest cooking disaster.

  • Actually this is more of an eating my mom’s cooking disaster… We had a deer hanging/waiting to be processed… and unfortunately the meat had become rancid and fly blown… My mother didn’t want to waste the meat and decided to cook it up for the dogs… I being young and uniformed had a bowl of what I thought was venison and rice… (she caught me when I was going for seconds… still love venison)

What is your favorite ice cream flavor?

  • Black Olive… (once you get past the savory flavor… it is awesome)

What is your biggest pet peeve?

  • Stuff on the kitchen table other than food(hint hint… chérie)

What household chore do you despise the most?

  • Laundry… when I first got married I made sure I ruined some of our clothes by mixing white with bright colors… my wife wont let me touch the laundry now… (if you are reading this ma chérie… I can’t promise I wont repeat that mistake)

What advice would you give your 16 year old self?

  • Just Kiss Her!

If money, location, education, etc. was not a barrier, what would your dream job be?

  • Artist and Gallery Owner  (I am hoping “talent” is covered in the etc.)

What is your favorite breakfast food?

  • Homemade bread with peanut butter and jelly

Eleven Facts About ME

  • As a kid I trapped muskrats and sold their hides (so ashamed)…
  • At sixteen…got separated from my fellow scouts and was lost in the San Rafael dessert… Most terrifying – life changing event (that was the moment I committed my self to find purpose and joy in “being”.. not just in what I have done)
  • I worked in a stable for a year as a guide (1 dollar an hour… but only when I was on the horse taking a group out)
  • In the 80s I was recorded reading English for an educational program in Russia (I know I mispronounced every Russian proper noun especially city names…  I can only imagine little Russian children laughing at my horrible pronunciation)
  • Princess Di and Prince Charles almost ran over me while I was on my bike in Blois.. (they were in separate limos…  Charles at least waved)
  • I had a Japanese school teacher in first grade who taught us Japanese… Still remember one song… and still think Japanese women are the most beautiful (except my wife)
  • I lived in my car (fiat convertible) during the first quarter of my college freshman year
  • I tried to remove a tumor from my forehead using a dremel tool.
  • Played Saxophone in a Jazz Band
  • I love writing code/software… current language “scala”
  • Loved sports in high school (football, wrestling, track, golf… was very average… but loved them all)

My Nominees (or Victims)… all of these I love and disserve a glance from you..  everyone else has too many followers or have already done this… sorry if I missed you…

My Questions

  1. What is your most prized possession?
  2. What is the weirdest thing about you (… sorry weird weekends… have to stay true to myself)
  3. What advice would you give yourself if you could tavel back in time?  And what moment in time would that be?
  4. What part of yourself would you change and why?
  5. If you could travel anywhere in the world… where? and why?
  6. Which one (choose only one) and why… a kiss… a gift… or a kind word
  7. Who do you admire most? Why?
  8. If Hollywood made a film about you…what would the title be?
  9. Favorite Song? Book? or Movie?  and why?
  10. What is one of the moments in your past that made you special?
  11. Why do you blog?





11 thoughts on “Liebster Award

      1. I’d love to be added 🙂 I am already nominated by 4 other bloggers working over my Liebster award Post, but if you like, then sure add me 🙂


  1. I would also like to add that lately my toddler has been having nightmares about people cutting off her hair and making her wear it as a hat (I don’t know where kids come up with these things!)… and where do we turn to calm her down so she can fall back asleep? Weird Weekends, of course! 🙂

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