Weekend with Whair

35 thoughts on “Weekend with Whair”

  1. Well done for seeing through your creative idea. People buy human hair extensions and wigs. I think we are so used to man made things we can’t get over natural things. The same applies in many areas of life-think how many people are grossed out by cloth nappies or breastfeeding for example. Good luck with your venture.

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    1. thank you MrsCraft… I was certainly surprised at how many people were repulsed… I think we as a society are so far removed from nature… in our food… in our clothing… etc. I have been lately trying to revisit old thinking… old ways… not because it is necessarily better (sometimes it is… sometimes it isn’t)… but to try reconnect with our past and with the natural world we live in.

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  2. This is pretty cool. Weird but also cool. I don’t think you need to be scared about sharing this with us. Your creativity is inspiring. Ps. Your kid looks ADORABLE in the whair hat.
    Keep up the good work.

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  3. You Whair hat is awesome! And, it’s the most wonderful kind of weird..weird only by virtue of how avant guard it is. How amazingly-creative and imaginative you are (and you know me, I’m all about that 🙂 )….you are just so fascinating ! I love your zest for adventure, and for exploring and discovering, and experimenting….you are like a storybook character…and that is the highest compliment…you are actually living such an interesting life, and doing us the privilege of sharing it with us! Thank you….you always make me smile 🙂

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      1. Thanks for this…it meant what I thought…except, I would be happy to give you a swollen heart…that is my intention …to lift your spirits as you lift mine (and others)…I believe a thank you should reflect the essence of the gift…not that it’s a competition, but I am speaking from the heart when I comment…you’ve brightened my day with your wonderful offering, and want to be sure that you are encouraged to keep sharing with us 🙂

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  4. It’s a great looking hat. It does have a bit of a grossness factor. 🙂
    Isabelle is a saint.
    Whoever came out with the ‘it puts lotion on its skin’ comment had me laughing out loud :D.

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    1. Isabelle says I need to listen to you… The comment was sent via text.. (we had requested the hair via text from a co-worker’s step child… who was a hair dresser… and that was the response)


  5. You’re my hero! I’m not surprised you got a lot of negative reactions; I remember when I first got into knitting, dog hair yarn grossed me out until I started spinning my own fiber and eyeing my dog as a free source of fiber. (I quickly went through all the wool I had and got desperate, so spun cotton balls in order to keep spinning). What will you do with the rest of the hair in that giant bag? Some Victorian hairwork?

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  6. I don’t think I would spin human hair … it ranks up there with dog hair, which I can’t stand the smell of (my mom has a whole box of white himalayan dog????, it’s soft! but the smell :s). But I admire your attempt!
    The only reason why I wouldn’t, would be because in my head that doesn’t feel soft. And I have yet to imagine a project for rough yarn…
    Though I must admit that when spinning and watching movies like the Hobbit (for instance), with those long beards and long hair, I can’t help but wonder as well whether you could spin any of it.

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  7. OK, again I think this is great, really great. I did hear of some people who made a wool mix from their dead dog’s fur and then made a jumper so they could wear him forever, but what disturbed me most was that they had matching jumpers made – so not right. Another friend I know who is a felter is frequently asked if she can felt the hair of a favoured pet!

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    1. Claire… you are very cool… (I have heard about people and pet hair… some people find it less “creepy” than human hair… but that is because they have not smelt the two together wet…)… and I guess I am not finished with the “hair”… I will post an update


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