In a previous post I introduced… or asked… well actually I “Pleaded” for advice on how to design my rug.   Before I announce the winner… I want to give a shout out to all of the people who offered either votes or designs…  (Click here to see the designs)


SARAH!!!! *(The “S” word)

She will be awarded the priviledge of having my first weaving project named after her (actually her blog)

My Rug will be now referred to as “LICK THE SPATULA”… kind of long… and awkward… but catchy… (or maybe not… but have to keep my word)

(I will prominently label it with its name… either I will have to buy the custom “lick the spatula” label or figure out how to make the label)

The rug is not done yet… *(I have been in New York)… but when it is done…. I think Sarah ought to display it prominently on her blog…  Here is it so far





  1. Oh I will be displaying the heck out of your rug! I’m honored. I’m thrilled. I’m laughing at the wonderfully-ridiculous named floor covering! I feel like there should be a speech. Should I write a speech? I think I’ll write a speech. I’ll post it when I post the finished rug. Really though, Thank You for this, it was quite fun. I do love how you also labeled me “the S word” considering our past with our bonding over foul language!! Fun times. I can only hope that the Lickthespatula Rug turns out as awesome as your writing is.

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    1. All I say… is that I can’t wait for the speech… just shared your last blog with my daughter… she laughed… and laughed… (of course when it comes to the “lick the spatula” rug… not sure there is any humor there… I am imagining… something more inspirational…)

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  2. You fill my heart with delight and joy…what an inspiration you are…I’m off to find any recent posts I might have missed (yours I mean)…I had a time-consuming week, and didn’t get around to reading nearly as many posts as I’d like…but, yours are a priority 🙂

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