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WORSE Idea for a meal in New York… (sorry flaming saddles saloon).   If eating more than Fritos out of a “Fritos bag” isn’t already a bad idea… eating Fritos with the following items makes this an “extremely” bad idea:   Sour Cream, Texas Chili, German Mustard, Chopped Onions, Jalapenos, and finally Melted cheddar…  (note they did add a spoon… )  all of this served with a hotdog and a side of chili (with cheddar melted)… and it costs only 7 dollars… (this looks like something you would eat if you lost a bet)


5 thoughts on “5-13-2016

  1. You did it again….made me laugh out-loud, inside….yes, that’s an oxymoron…but, it happens…probably because I am tired and, given that no laugh should go to waste, I am able to laugh internally and really enjoy it 🙂 Thanks for sharing 🙂


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