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I want to add another title… This is not only a “Weird Picture of the DAY”… but a PSP (Public Service Post)




I saw this sign while on the subway… and several instructions really bothered… and confused me…

  • FIRST:  Under “Evacuation” emergency with the first instruction saying “Do not exit train”…  that is unless (not until) I am told by crew or emergency workers to “exit the train”…   so how do I know when there is an “Evacuation” emergency (when everyone is staying in the train) …and if I did… and I don’t “evacuate” is it truly an “Evacuation” emergency… shouldn’t it be a “stay in the train” emergency?   hmmm not sure they know what evacuation means…
  • SECOND:  The other (all the other) emergencies “Fire, Medical, Police”… first instruction (in red) states…   “Do not pull the emergency cord.”….My QUESTION… what is the “emergency cord” FOR ….especially if you can’t pull it during emergencies?… is the only time I can pull it is when there is an evacuation… and I can’t exit the train?


This morning… was walking through central park… clearing my head.   Needed some “me” time… and a tiny bit of earnest introspection…   The Park is beautiful especially early morning…   My stress was leaving…  Was saying to myself… NY isn’t so bad… and that “I am not too bad either”… and than almost at that moment NY sent me this message…


(so much for affirmations at central park…   and if it wasn’t already bad enough that the first day… I get the Sinner sign… jesh NY… you suck)


One thought on “5-12-2016

  1. I’m so sorry, but this made me laugh so hard inside…if I would have laughed out loud, it would have been one of those surprised laughs that asserts itself before you can bite it back….it’s your delivery that did it…my husband can incite the same reaction in me….as empathetic as I am, some ironies over-ride my default settings…thanks for sharing…and, in case there is any doubt, I believe (without a shadow of a doubt) that you are irreplaceable and you make this world a better place 🙂


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