Back story.   When  my oldest daughter was young and I would travel to France without her I would always take a picture a day of something I thought was “weird” “odd” or “funny”….  so I continue this tradition on this blog here in New York… (cannot promise anything good… I think it is easier in France)



I consider myself a religious man…. But I saw this outside my hotel… Have no idea what it means… Does this mean I am going to hell?  … what … “Find You Out”?


12 thoughts on “5-09-2016

  1. Think of it like Santa’s warning: he knows if you’ve been naughty or nice (and will do something if you don’t follow his rules? I reckon the Church might not deem a lump of coal an appropriate punishment for what they consider sin…)

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  2. What a fantastic tradition…and, If I remember correctly, there’s a bible verse that says, “Be sure your sins will find you out”…awkward attempt to be creative, I’m guessing…thanks for sharing…you always make me smile…and, your message from your daughter is so touching and sweet 🙂

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    1. I am always worried about saying something “religious” is odd or weird… because to others it might be sacred… worried a little on this post… Figured it is was a huge neon sign…so I was ok…. and My daughter is a sweet heart… (both daughters are… almost got in trouble there)… by the way (Numbers 32:23) not that I knew…

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      1. For what it’s worth…I don’t see anything remotely offensive about your post…I believe God has a sense of humour…and I believe humour is a gift He would have each of us embrace and benefit from…thanks for being so amusing! 🙂


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