Un-Weekend or Mid-Week Plea for Advice

5 suggestions So FAR… don’t let your VOICE go un heard… nor miss out on a grand prize!!!

(So it is not the weekend…but I am posting… gosh… makes me feel like I am ruining the theme of my blog… please forgive the weekend faux pas)

I am not going to talk about what I did… (except show some mid week work and than see if I can get some advice).   Above you will note I started the second red stripe… and did it correctly this time.  It looks so much better.   While doing this I started second guessing my design.

(Maybe thinking too much?  I talked about having urges… that can be bad… but you know what is worse…  obsessing over something… overthinking it until all the fun and spontaneity is gone…  and it looses  the “magic”…. so I am hoping to let someone else make a design decision for my rug/blanket)

Here is my design (dont mock my draftsmen or the fact that it is actually versioned…  I write software can’t help myself)


Let me talk through what you are probably scratching your heads at and then quickly get to the advice request.   I like the simplicity of this design dark gray -> gray->light gray -> white…(then the same pattern in reverse) with 5 red lines and 2 dark gray lines. (hope that made sense).

Since I created this design I have dyed more wool…Gray Blue (black-beans), Gold (annatto), Blue-Green(red cabbage). I also have Black wool…  and two more dyeing project Olive (nettles), and Dusty Pink (avocado)…    I am pretty much set on the outer red lines and gray…since I have almost finished one side…  I am looking for advice for the middle section I think I like it white with something in the white… but am open to any good idea.

SO… KEEPING ALL OF THE COLORS AND CURRENT DESIGN IN MIND… Does anyone have a Design Idea???…   PLEASE… PLEASE…Any idea welcome…   any suggestion!!!

Here is what is going on in my head…

  • Should I leave it as it is? (don’t over complicate it)
  • Should I keep the design but change the colors of the inner lines? (currently 2 gray… with middle red… could do blue and gold)
  • Should I re-think the lines and do something else?… (but not too hard this is my first project on a loom)


(think about it… my family will be calling a rug by your name from now until the rug falls apart.. hopefully the rug lasts a long time… what an amazing prize… for those bloggers you can post a picture of the finished rug with the incredible claim that it was named after you )

read below for results of suggestions (I am adding images and short thought on all the suggested designs)


(The Fronkladen)

The geek in me loves this…. the QR code if scanned brings one to my blog (try it)… kind of a steampunk take on woven rugs… Thanks Fronkladen (that name sounds made up)

Rug Suggestion 1


(The Costanza)

Big Fan of George… what a sexy man…(I can say that because it doesn’t make my wife jealous) but I am not that talented… even if  I was after weaving that image… I don’t know if I could maintain sanity… Who would suggest something so odd… I can honestly state no chance this is going to happen.   Sorry no way… but thanks



(The “Lick the Spatula” aka “Sarah” aka   KEEP THE ORIGINAL DESIGN)

This seems to be the voice of reason and honestly I might be leaning towards this choice… IF you haven’t read the comments,  Sarah does an excellent job of reminding me to Keep It Simple (notice I left off the stupid.. .no reason to be rude)… and states that I should not name it after odd names… and she makes an earnest plea to have a rug named after herself… (Something about lifetime goal… top of her bucket list… etc )  If you read her Blog…  (LicktheSPatula) you will note in her “about” she states she is a genius… I definitely don’t have the acumen to argue with a genius…*wow I am not trying to mock you Sarah… LOVED your comments and AM EARNEST when I state you are probably right…  want to see if I get anymore options… but will announce soon!!!



(La Résistance)

Here is another one that “amps” up the geek… it is even more geeky the QR code… but it is right inline with the current design.  Eric (sounds like a real name… ) suggested I place stripes that you would find on a resistor.  (each stripe meant something… just don’t remember what anymore)… You can read his comment because he does describe the meaning of each line…  (I skipped reading that part)… The design is OK… but the name is awesome…



(The Richard Horrocks)

Richard suggested that I put a pedigree chart on the rug (with maybe a tree behind it… did a google search… more common than you think).  This is a brilliant idea.. one that transforms a simple rug into a treasured family heirloom… There is one significant problem with this idea… I can barely weave (first project) and this one is well beyond my capabilities… I think this will be a “once I know how to” project… but I still love the idea…




23 thoughts on “Un-Weekend or Mid-Week Plea for Advice

    1. I think Fronkladen you meant that I could place a QR CODE (one that was the URL to my blog)… in the middle of the RUG… hmmm… I like this idea… you could then scan my rug and end up at my blog… (kind of old school meets new)… ANYONE think this is the winner?…. might be my only comment… which means I would have to call the rug “Fronkladen”…


  1. A) do NOT name your rug Fronkladen cuz then I’d be Fronk-laughin’ lol, see what I did there?! B) Surely you have heard use of the phrase K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I personally like the red and the gray with the white, I would say don’t change it, you’re seriously overthinking it!
    Plus, if you use the idea of KISS, red goes with red lips which is like a kiss and kiss is the phrase you need and that is a sign to stay on track… it all makes perfect sense in my head!
    And C) I’ve always wanted a rug named after me! 🙂
    Good Luck!

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  2. I don’t have any brilliant new suggestion for you. I think Sarah/Lickthespatula is right: stick with your original design. That’s my vote. (I know you’re not looking for votes, but there’s mine anyway. Do with it what you will.)

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  3. OK! I’ve got an idea for you!! The first thing that came to mind when I saw your original design, the colors you wanted to incorporate, and maybe your software references, was the 5-Band-Resistor-Color-Code!
    My dad taught me all about how to read the resistance levels of these magic little resistors as we would build electronic projects. Color – 1st Band, 2nd Band, 3rd Band, Multiplier, Tolerance. See all the lessons of life and happiness!?! You could even call it La Résistance!
    On top of it all, it is not far from your original design.

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    1. That is an interesting idea… one that speaks to my inner geek… I would have to go back and try to remember which colors mean what and where they go… but you are right… it is kind of inline with my design… and I like the name “La Resistance”…Thanks Eric


  4. I think it would be a good idea to have a pedigree chart on it with or without a tree in the background. You could just put a couple generations or just one. I think it would be something you could pass down thru generations. And perhaps they could add to it.

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  5. This is the best…an interactive post that incorporates all your quirky with and wonderful brilliance…I just love everything about your post…and, while I love the idea of the Costanza I’m with Sarah…and, now, I’m gonna check out the blogs of those who gave you suggestions (and, here’s how it happens–I mean to do something else, and get lured deeper into the rabbit hole 🙂 ). Thanks for sharing….you are fascinating and delightful 🙂

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  6. Mockery-schmockery, Mock away. I’m that person. Totally fine with smart-alec-isms (FYI, I changed the A-word here out of respect for your earlier change of my “S” in Stupid to your “S” in Same, see, I can play nice! ) but let’s be real with each other, who wants a rug named Eric? 😉

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    1. Sarah you are a cool person… (mean that seriously…) But now I feel anxious… I used the “A” word in the post that follows this one… choucroute… please no judging…I was feeling kind of dangerous… I will be announcing the winner soon…

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