Weekend with Decay and Disappointment

Another weekend at the bunker… before I begin… My wife and I have a long outstanding argument… I am right (she is wrong) just need someone who reads this to agree with me… My wife (she is French… want to get that out in the open… so you won’t immediately take her side). She claims that our let’s call it “week end place in a remote small mountain village” is not a bunker… Her argument is that bunkers don’t have HOAs and are not next to golf courses… hmmm au contraire… it’s a bunker… (I think she is splitting hairs) … waiting for affirmations especially from any expert preppers or survivalists.

deerWe have deer…(nuff said)

Back to the Decay… If you know me, you already know about a special interest… almost weekly activity that I have been obsessed with for almost three years. (and no… it is not a fetish… just a hobby).  I would like to introduce it by referencing a great book (assumption since I haven’t read it) and now Netflix series called “Cooked” by Michael Pollan. The series starts out slow but is beautifully filmed and it is so compelling especially episode 4 (Earth). The late Sister Noella Marcellino is introduced. (stop… my interest is not with dead nuns).   You may know her by another name… THE CHEESE NUN… (and if that doesn’t ring a bell… her brother Jocko Marcellino was one of the founders of Sha Na Na).   We have a similar story… she fell in love with a cow… which led to cheese making… I fell in love with a French lady which led to cheese making…. Let me clean that up… (wow treading on thin ice)… She(my wife… not the cow) loves (as most French do) cheese.

I harbor some guilt in the fact that my wife left her family, home, culture, and in return for all of that she got me… (I am definitely not worth that sacrifice.) While contemplating this one day… (or trying to make up for something  I did that was wrong) I thought it would be awesome to surprise her with her favorite cheese Beaufort… I learned something as I searched for this cheese…  you may already know… but if you are not familiar with Beaufort you can read about it here 15 of the World’s Most Expensive Cheeses… The internet this time let me down (and my wallet)… next thought… wonder if I can make it… there you go…(YES… I MAKE CHEESE…)  There is the back story… like I said before… everything makes sense once you know the whole story. Here is an actual picture of the first cheese I made “camembert”.  (Dont say the ending “t”… drives my wife crazy… and I for some odd reason always do…)


I love making cheese… I didn’t know how enamored I would become with the process… the cheese nun who moonlighted as a microbiologist talked with the same ferver… we are cheese devotees. She stated when talking about cheese (I am going to miss quote this) “a decomposition creating  wonderful flavors…is a promise of something better”… which for her was a metaphor for death and the after life. We differ a little bit here…   I just love the fact that I can rot something in my bunker for 3 to 12 months and people will actually eat it.

If you are not already bored… I want to finish by giving you the step by step instructions for the cheese I made this weekend.   “RACLETTE”.  Hey it is fascinating… you may even  convert and try making it yourself… I promise… it is again nothing less than magic… let me entice your further reading with before and after pictures.

Before (Raw-unpasteurized fresh milk… from trusted Dairy… I grew up here and know the family):


 DARN DANG SHOOT (kind of my version of Ned Flanders)… After writing this intro…  I went to pick up the milk.. (Friday afternoon….have to start Friday night and it takes till Sunday to finish main steps… and my source could not sell me milk.. (out of compliance… will have to continue this Next Weekend)…

CONSOLATION prize… Here are photos of a Raclette I made that is 4 months old… along with a Raclette dinner with family and friends (I am sorry about not being able to finish it this week… I could have faked it… shown old pics… but that is not the point of this blog)…


Write you later!





8 thoughts on “Weekend with Decay and Disappointment

  1. loved your post, and your way of writing 🙂

    for you and your wife, don’t you know that we (women) are always right?? can’t you just see this?? ;))
    just kidding. It’s something we always argue about with my husband. But when I heard this in the (Meet the Robinson) animation (my son likes it so much, so we have to watch it twice a day, as much as he’s sitting with us) I laughed so much.

    And for the cheese, it’s really amazing how you can make cheese alone. I really love cheese so much, it’s my favourite for breakfast.

    I’m so excited to read all your posts, after this amazing one. well done 🙂 I will be waiting for more posts from you, and would be more than happy if I can learn how to make the cheese like you 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very sweet comment (THANKS… except for taking my wife’s side)… Hopefully next week I will be able to share this recipe… It is involved, long, but not overly complex… (Hopefully you do try it…) Something about making your own cheese and tasting the difference between it and manufactured cheese makes all of the steps and waiting worth it. (Especially if you love cheese).


  3. I’m sorry but your wife is right. Go ahead and tally the score ” Wife = 1,000,001 Wins” and “Husband = 1 Win” You only get the 1 win for choosing to marry such a great person lol.

    You are definitely talented with your cheese making skills. This has inspired me to embark on a new hobby.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow… I should have trusted my gut and realize that everyone would take my wife’s side. But you are 100% right about me having at least 1 win… and that is her…. (although I think she might have chosen me… and let me think that it was my choice).


  5. I am in love with all cheese. Next to wine it is one of the things I could never break up with in my life. My liver and cholesterol can attest. Perhaps I’ll learn how to make it from you….although I foresee that leading to some serious mad scientist muttering in my future should I dare.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I never get tired of the strange process… Liquid to solid… And then the unique flavors that are produced as it ages… (Most of the time good… Sometimes not so good…I made one that tasted like dill pickles… Not edible… Except melted on hamburgers)


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