Introduction? Explanation? Disclammer?

I think I am suppose to start this with a clever introduction… hmmm… maybe just an introduction is all that I have to offer(first disclaimer… this might get really boring.  SO for those who don’t want to read a bunch of words… I am going to blog about stuff I do on weekends).    For those who have time to read… here goes…  ME, my life,  my experiences, and even my personality is bifurcated into two distinct worlds that happen to correspond with the days of the week.  (bifurcated is a cool word)

I am a normal coder by week. (well as normal as software developers can be… no offense to my fellow tradesmen). For those who are already starting to regret reading this blog…  I  will not be writing about my week or coding.   This blog is about my weekends which are spent exploring and discovering (doing weird things with my wife and kids).

As you will discover in reading this each weekend I leave my home in the city and travel to my bunker in the mountains (my wife calls it our “maison de campagne”).  This is were the excitement happens and the content of this blog will be generated.  I have these uncontrollable urges to try things… not the typical outdoor guy(sy) things although they may pop in once and a while… My real passion lately has been in rediscovering old artisanal secrets, trades, and crafts.  I find myself inexplicably drawn to our past.  I have a need to reconnect… to try to do what back then would have been considered common but in our modern society has become lost, forgotten, or even unthinkable.  I have so much respect and admiration for our ancestors who without the benefit of modern understanding were able to create and do what I can only describe as magic (wonder if it felt like that to them).  

That is what I want to share here…  Although I am writing with intent (the intent to motivate any reader to explore and discover  our rich heritage) I am leaving my journey and these writings to happenstance.  I am not sure what the weekend will bring but it should be interesting,  maybe unusual, and for those more constrained by societal norms… weird… thus the blog title weird weekends.


10 thoughts on “Introduction? Explanation? Disclammer?

  1. Funny and intriguing….I am definitely “following” you…this blog is unique and fun…who can resist adventure–vicarious adventure is something that so many of us fell in love with when, as children, we were first introduced to story books. I really enjoy the conversational tone of your writing….thanks for sharing 🙂

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  2. Oh goodness, you don’t SOUND like a geek………you sound like…well……a rather interesting person that I wouldn’t mind following around and asking stupid questions of….like “why NOT spread those bugs on your lips?” or “have you thought about goats?”
    Dunno why you would think about goats actually…..

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      1. smear goats on the lips…..I KNEW I coulda taken it there but was trying (rather successfully for a change0 to control myself. I raised angoras for a few years…had them for milk actually cause the subhumanoid I had was allergic to all the milk products..he has since graduated into humanity but for a while there he actually baaaaad like a goat.

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  3. Hah! I didn’t think I’d find someone like-minded who is also a coder and experimenting with spinning, dyeing and weaving. I’m very gladly following you back. That “maison de campagne” sounds dreamy.

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  4. Hello! I’ve nominated you and your incredible blog for the “Black Cat, Blue Sea Award.” I’m totally aware that not everyone is into these blogging award things, so if you don’t want to take part, then that is totally fine! But if you are, check out my blog for the award which should give you some clear-ish instructions on how to take part.

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